Thursday, September 22, 2011




For the last one decade and more, Indian Markets at many places are flooded with Chinese Products. These products are cheaper compared to Indian Products – but not very great in quality. Some electrical and electronic products are certainly more innovative than Indian products.

And, many of these products are replacing traditional Indian products – because, Indians, as a rule, seem, not to want to buy any products MADE IN INDIA – if some thing made out of India (any where outside) is available in the market. Correct me, if you are an exception.

But, I am not amused. Being not in active politics – these problems attract my curiosity and attention. I find, Chinese products, more than any other country’s products, are replacing INDIAN JOBS – and Indian incomes.

Compare it with the US. USA has been fighting a 9% unemployment Rate as its most important national problem – as though life depended on that. Not a day passes without President Obama urging his country men and the US Congress to approve his Job creation Plans. And, I think, President Obama is right. From 7.5% in July 2009, it has climbed to 9.1% now. The average rate of unemployment in US from 1948 to 2010 was 5.7%, climbing to a high of  10.8% in 1982 and a Low of 2.5% in 1953.

In India, our stock markets respond to any change in the US Job Market – in a very big way. This, in my view, is foolish – as US unemployment rate has no great impact on our companies’ or economic performance. It never had. When, US was reeling under Bank closures, closures of its major companies  and a huge housing market downturn – India did remain healthy.

But, that is not the real point to look at now.

What is the unemployment Rate in India? Do we have any idea? No one even tries to measure this statistic in India. For Government and even Opposition Politicians, this seems to be the most unimportant thing.

For US, it has always been the most important statistic. People must be employed. That is the TOP priority. Next comes Growth. Next comes inflation. Next comes budget deficits and so on.

For a while, let us also think, as US thinks, of our unemployment problem a little more seriously. Is it close to 50%? May be. How much is it in your family? In your neighbour’s family? Since, there are no reliable official statistics, this is a good way to measure unemployment in India. Even if it is 50%, I won’t be surprised. Unemployment and Underemployment are the bane of India. So – how do you  respond to that? How does Indian Government, Indian politicians and you and I, the members of the Indian public respond to it? Philosophically. It is Karma.

It isn’t Karma of the past births. It is our present Karma. When you and I buy a Chinese product, in preference to an available Indian product, you and I are supporting employment in China and unemployment in India.

How can we talk like that in these days of Globalization? There is no Globalization in regard to China. You won’t find much of Indian products on Chinese Roads, but there is a huge quantum of Chinese products on Indian Roads and shops. And, many of us buy them in preference to Indian products. Not only Chinese products. We prefer any foreign products to any Indian products.

And, consequently, there is huge unemployment in India. Many Indian-made products are disappearing from Indian markets – and nobody is making even a survey of this phenomenon. This is not Globalization. Globalization must work both ways. It is not so now.  Despite a 9% unemployment in US, US companies are providing huge employment to Indians. Indians are reciprocating to US also in many ways. That’s globalization.

But, in respect of Chinese products, there is no such globalization. It seems to be their way – all the way (or most of the way).  I am not talking of the reasons for this imbalance. I am talking of the Net Effect on India because of this imbalance.

How do we respond to unemployment problem? We don’t respond at all. But, we respond to a political problem  - of COMPARATIVE UNEMPLOYMENT. It is some times called the ancient Indian crab mindset. Or, the divide and rule problem, inherited from British rule.

The Indian crab is supposed to pull down any other Indian crab climbing out of the container. It won’t allow others any thing better than itself. This explanation is for those who do not know the Indian crab. I haven’t seen the crab doing it. But, I am seeing people doing it daily.

Divide and rule is of course world famous. Today, no one represents India as a whole.  Some one represents this caste, some one represents that caste, some body else represents this group, some body else represents that group, some body else represents this religion, or that and so on. 

The last time I heard some one saying “I am Indian First” and paying for it – was Tendulkar, a cricketer. Recently, Mr.Narendra Modi said that slightly differently – Guajarati first, but Indian Next – or, some thing like that. He also said, I don’t plan for Minority. And, I don’t plan for Majority. I plan for 6 crore people of Gujarat. I thought I should be glad to hear that – so long after hearing Tendulkar. But, some people are protesting. They represent not all Gujaratis. But, some groups. They stand for the divide and rule philosophy.

So how do we divide and rule? Especially, in regard to employment.

If there are 100 jobs and 300 unemployed people, we make reservations on who should get these 100 jobs out of the 300 people. 20 % for this group, 25 % for that group, 30% for another and balance – for others. There is a huge political capital to be made out of these reservations. Never mind that – 200 Indians out of 300 will remain jobless – anyway. India, Indian systems and Indian psyche are built around these systems and schemes. Governments are not bothered about creating jobs. But, If a job somehow comes up - like a bolt from the blue – who should be given it? This is our problem.

So, how serious is the unemployment and underemployment problem in India. Count the number of beggars outside our temples, mosques, churches and Gurdwaras etc. They will protest – No, we are employed and this is our employment. We are earning – more than what the planning commission says is BPL.

Every idle man in India claims to be employed in some way – and earning his living. The Naxalite is employed as naxalite. The ULFA members are employed as ULFA members. Many, many people are employed in many such ways. Some times – you will find, some goons are making collections from every shop in the market. They are employed that way.

This is the problem. For some unearthly reason – we say, that our MPs and MLAs and other leaders should not be employed in any profession. I am, unsure what the rule actually is. But, it is some thing like this. It is of course their privilege and I am nobody to question it.

But, it seems, most of the unemployed people are turning towards politics – to make it their profession.

We certainly must find all the reasons for - who are all unemployed and why? In India, there is some hidden attraction for remaining unemployed. This attraction must disappear first.

I mentioned Chinese products by way of example. There are many other products of many other countries - in the Indian markets which have replaced Indian products.

Look at your TV – is it Indian? Look at all the other products in your homes. Your car? Your refrigerator? Your stove? Your air conditioner? The tube lights in your house?  See, how many of them are Indian. You will find, 50% of the products you use today are not Indian.

And yet, not long ago – there were so many Indian TV companies. Where are they today? Almost all are closed. And why? Because, you and I don’t buy. That’s why.

If your son and daughter are unemployed, it is because I don’t buy Indian made products. If my son and daughter are unemployed – it is because you don’t buy  Indian products.

Now – a little justification for why you and I don’t buy Indian products. Always, as you know, there is the other side of the coin.

Our psyche is peculiarly anti – our self.

There is an ancient Indian story of the days of King Krishna Deva Raya of Vijaya Nagar. He and his court poet, Tenali Rama once planned a feast for all the people in the capital town of Vijaya Nagar. This feast was to honour the people for their honesty. The king’s godown has all other ingredients required for the feast except Milk. So, they announced that – next morning, all people in the town – will come and pour one litre of milk into a huge vessel  kept at the 4-road crossing before the king’s palace.

Next morning, all people came and poured 1 litre of milk into the huge vessel. When evening came, the king along with Tenali Rama came and looked inside the vessel. The vessel was FULL – but not with Milk. It was full of water. So much for honesty. This was several centuries ago, when our honesty levels were perhaps much higher. Adulteration is a wide stretching phenomenon in India. So, we distrust Indian Products. Not all. But, many.

If today, we are fighting against corruption, let us not fool ourselves saying it is in high places only. The Buck stops at our own door step. The traffic constable is doing it in broad day light – and nobody is questioning him. The RTO office, the panchayat office – and you name it – everywhere you find it. I am not saying, we cannot be reformed.  We can reform. We haven’t done that – yet.  That is all.

With this mindset, we adulterate rice, wheat, pulses, cereals, mangoes, apples, milk, drugs, water and what not. There is in fact a saying that – you should not sell without adulterating. So shortsighted and foolish is our psyche. Many of us must change our mindsets drastically.

In unemployment also, it is the same problem. I am buying foreign products, not because I am against you. It is just because I am so short sighted. So are you. Your son and my son are both unemployed because you and I are both short sighted.

So, what should we do? Isn’t it very simple? Be Indian. Buy Indian. Not Bye Indian! Even two Decade ago – some body in the Government used to promote that concept. Now, it is not considered fashionable to talk of it. Now, Government is full of Stephanians. Oxfordians. Harvardians and so on. Apart from a few Hansraj collegians etc.

But, Jawahar Lal Nehru was also an Oxfordian. He always wanted to - Be Indian and Buy Indian. So, I am hoping that our Government will listen – as, despite all criticism, I feel, MMS is still one our outstanding PMs.

So – what can Governments at Centre and states do?

Train all unemployed / underemployed Indians in making all Indian products, household products, ornamental products, electrical products, electronic products, plastic utensils etc – with high innovation and excellent quality.

Don’t advertise and train only volunteers. Pull up every unemployed person – and train compulsorily. They will like it later. Train all men and women and children. Do not settle for mediocrity. Demand excellence. Demand innovation. Some of them will pick up this first. Others will catch up later. India needed this yesterday. Today is not too late.

Give all possible assistance to the people trained -  to make Great, Innovative products. Then, subsidize what products they make – so that they can sell them – much below the price of Chinese products. With one rupee subsidy – the government can generate Rs.5 worth of jobs. Isn’t it worth it? 

It is better than NREGS – where you can’t show any assets, or skills or any sort of productivity – for the huge money distributed every year. NREGS funds can be diverted to this purpose easily – without changing the name of the scheme. You pay the people the same money – to learn new skills, make new products and sell them at a discount to Chinese products.

Pay for Innovation. Pay for learning skills. Pay for Productivity. Pay for creation of Jobs. That’s what president Obama trying to do in USA. His every alternate talk is about Job creation.

I wish to see Prime Minister Manmohan Singh doing an Obama in India. He can succeed better than  Obama. US Congress is not (yet) fully in tune with Obama. But, Indian congress is in tune with MMS.

We can do it. India can do it. By 2014 – you can ensure several crores of Indians to be more skilled, more employed and more industrious and hardworking than many others in the world. Isn’t it worth it?

 *  *  *   E  N  D  *  *  *

Sunday, September 18, 2011




Why did Narendra Modi think of a Sadbhavana Mission?

One can always say – Narendra Modi should have done this or that – instead of Sadbhavana Mission, the three day, Self purification fast, for unity and Harmony among the people of Gujarat essentially – and also, perhaps India in general.

But, Modi has not chosen to do any of the things – which many others, chiefly his detractors, suggest. His mind and heart have chosen the Sadbhavana Mission.

If Modi did not choose the Sadbhavana Mission – but had gone through the usual political maneuvers of all Indian Politicians – would it have been better?

After all – there was no Sadbhavana Mission or any other mission to bring together all people or any other idea that others are suggesting now – in any other state - after even worse Riots took place in those states. The current detractors of Modi are silent on all of them now, for their own reasons.

So – let us forget all of their other ideas.

Is it better that there is a Sadbhavana Mission in Gujarat now; or is it better if there is no Sadbhavana Mission at all there?

It is now, not a question whether some thing else should or should not have been there in Gujarat. It is a question whether Sadbhavana Mission being there is better for Gujarat - rather than it not being there.

I think – all said – Sadbhavana Mission being there is better for Gujarat.

The next question is – is it a Political move for Modi to become PM? 2014 is far, far away. Lots of things will happen before that. In India, every week – some thing new is happening.

Anna Hazare - is a new phenomenon. His crusade against corruption is extraordinary – but somewhat obstinate in respect of some points. Yet, his crusade is invaluable for India. He was very well supported by the Media, and also by Opposition, especially the BJP, in and out of Parliament – and a large part of Anna’s success is creditable to these two forces. India wants this movement against corruption to succeed – but also to take all right thinking people together in the fight.  What Anna and his team will plan next is anybody’s guess.

Baba Ram Devji, in my opinion, has been wronged by Government and cold shouldered by team Anna also to some extent - for no good reasons. There is a witch hunt going against him from Government side. Hopefully, he will come out of all of them in the course of time.

In my opinion, his contribution to the eradication of diseases and propagation of Yoga for health has been invaluable for those who had attended his Yoga Sibirs. His Yoga and his medicines are both very good. India needs his services on a long term basis. I wish Government takes his help in eradicating many of today’s incurable diseases. so - Baba Ram Dev – is not one to be written off.

In all Parties – there are some idealistic forces. There are also many idealistic persons outside the Political arena, doing a lot of good work. They can see beyond current day Politics. We never know, when a great motivation will strike them – and they come out on streets to influence Indian Politics. So – lots of things can happen between now and 2014.

Modi, still has miles to cross, in legal tangles in the state and other challenges. So, this Sadbhavana Mission being a stepping stone of sorts to becoming PM – is  a some what far-fetched imagination, based on the RSS report.

The third question is – about his detractors who are coming together.  Frankly, I am not impressed by their claims. There were 2 incidents – one is Godhra train carnage and the second is subsequent riots. The detractors group almost do not seem to remember the first incident at all. Their support is in respect of the second incident of riots. This partial blindness or selective amnesia – doesn’t show them in any good light at all.

Modi has told the press – take five communal incidents which happened – 4 in other congress ruled states and one in Gujarat – compare the action taken by all the 5 governments – and then tell me – whether Gujarat acted faster and better or worse. Fair enough. The Press must do it. His detractors must also be doing it. Definitely – then, criticism will be more balanced.

It does not mean – Modi should not be acting faster than he did. He should. Every Government should.

His detractors also complained about the spending on the Fast. Modi has effectively replied the point (to my mind), that constructing a huge pandal of that size costs crores. But, Ahmadabad readily has an auditorium, and it comes in less than 1/5th of the cost. So, why not? And, if it comes with an A/C already installed there – why not? It is not only cheaper – but much better – and makes good business sense. Modi’s logic looks reasonable.

His detractors had assembled the riot victims who sought to protest, seeking Justice for them. Modi’s Government of course did not allow them near the Fast Venue right now – but I think, Modi will reach out to them in some way later, when the detractors disperse. In any case- if cases are there in courts – the reaching out by Modi will only be symbolic. The Law, in every case in India, takes its own course. Modi probably can’t help that too much.

Another interesting point that some people talk of is – Modi is not Gandhi. Neither is he Anna. This question seems so out of place to me. Yes. Modi is not Gandhi or Anna. Why should he be?  His mission is not the same as that of Gandhi or Anna. Gandhi succeeded in bringing Freedom. Anna is yet to succeed in any thing fully. We want him to succeed in his mission.

Modi has succeeded in development of Gujarat. Now – he has trained his focus on other aspects like Sadbhavana – chiefly, because, many people are carrying on unnecessary propaganda dividing people on communal and caste lines. His mission is to bring unity and harmony. He feels that- faster development of all sections is possible by unity and harmony only.

Having heard Modi’s speeches, and press Interviews so far – the feeling is undeniable that – considering all pros and cons – this Sadbhavana Mission is GOOD FOR GUJARAT. And, it may be good for India too.

Evidently, it is one step towards peace and Harmony and more will follow. Many from his party have said this to be so. So, let us wait further, what Modi will do for carrying the Sadbhavana Mission further. He has said that - Gujarat Government is committed to provide justice to victims

Modi has lived up to his Sadbhavana Mission in the first 2 days – he hasn’t said a word against anybody – including his worst detractors. His every word is in keeping with the spirit of Sadbhavana.

This is some thing that all his BJP colleagues and workers need to emulate. No Bad words. No abusive words. No hate campaigns. Constructive criticism is OK – but not abusive words.

Is that prescription only for BJP workers and leaders? No. It is required for all Political workers and leaders.  Let us keep the Political atmosphere in India clean. Many good things will flow out of it.

Modi or No Modi – India needs Sadbhavana in every state. That much is beyond a shadow of doubt. 

If Modi brings it in Gujarat, let us thank him and congratulate him.

*  *  *   E  N  D  *  *  *

Sunday, September 11, 2011


16 LESSONS FROM 9 / 11


There is no doubt that India and US are in entirely different Geographical, Political, economic and military situations. Therefore, 9/11 may have been tackled by US in one way – but India may have to tackle its own challenges like Bombay or Delhi Blasts differently, to suit its own situation.

Yet, there are certain lessons which do hold good for us, from the US experience.

1.   US leaders – be it republicans or democrats, did not blame the US citizens of any community, majority or minority – wholesale, at any point of their fight against terrorism. But, at the same time, they do not compromise on Individuals, whether US citizens or foreigners, of ANY COMMUNITY, who are actually found guilty of terrorism or aiding terrorists in US. In contrast, some Indian Politicians have the Penchant for blaming some community, majority or minority, wholesale – and not limiting their rhetoric to the actual terrorists. Only the terrorist is the terrorist – not the community.

2.   Leaders of all sections, Christian and Muslim, in US, unequivocally condemned 9/11 terrorist attacks. This must happen in India too.

3.   A terrorist attack on a Nation – seems to be the best Occasion – to gear up the Nationalist sentiment and unite all people in the country. Well. Every adversity has its Opportunity. India is consistently making the mistake of NOT UNITING the people every time such a situation occurs. Somehow – Nationalism seems to be becoming a bad word in India. When was the last time, any of you have heard of Nationalism? This must change. Else, India will be highly vulnerable.
4.   A terrorist attack is also the occasion which shows up (to our self) all of our weaknesses in defending our self. We must give our self a ONE YEAR TIME – to seal off all these weaknesses. We must achieve this, without backing out on them -  whatever it takes! Yes. WHATEVER IT TAKES! We must do it. No excuses. No delays. No constraints. The Government must take the initiative bring together the Opposition, the CAG, CVC, SC (also if necessary) with itself – and make emergency laws to procure honestly the best of whatever is required and make all other necessary arrangements. In such national effort, everybody will co-operate.

5.   We are buying many big things also easily. Can’t we buy CCTVs? We can. Flood the four Metros plus Ahmadabad, Hyderabad and Bangalore with CCTVs, Metal detectors (the best in the world), sirens (for alert) – at one Go. Where the will is there, there will be a way. Extend it to other capitals also quickly.

6.   In case of terrorist attacks, have a method of alerting all CCTVs, sirens, aerial surveillance etc at all places in the city concerned. 

7.   Make even big commercial establishments turn one or two of their CCTVs towards ROADS, making it easy to track the movements of terrorists. If TAJ and other establishments near TAJ had such CCTVs turned towards Roads, those terrorists who ran away also could have been tracked.

8.   Likewise, it is not only the High Courts and SC (etc) that must have CCTVs turned inward and outward both – but, some establishments on the roads nearby. Some of these CCTVs may give us a few other petty or big criminal activities on day to day basis also – with proof.

9.   One of the beauties of US, UK etc is – their citizens start using their Mobiles and Cameras very efficiently. And, when they give it to their Police, their Police receive them gratefully. Indians also can do it. But, Indian Police behavior towards such information givers must change very, very drastically – if they have to come forth with such Info. You must not be calling them to Police stations at all – after the Info is given.

10.                India has both external terrorists and also those in India assisted by external terrorists. Both should be treated with the firmest resolve. The one Great Lesson that the success of US in tackling terrorists is this:

11.                If you constantly go after the terrorists, the terrorists will have no time to go after You. Either he must be afraid of you; Or, you will be afraid of him. This one lesson – cannot be forgotten or neglected by any nation, which must tackle terrorists. 

12.                From the most ancient Indian administrative art – we need to remember a lesson : Do not keep balances in 2 things : (1) Debt (Rina sesham)(2) Enemies (Sathru Sesham). We are not talking of ordinary differences with others. We are talking of people who want to terrorize and humble us as a nation. We should not confuse or equate such terrorists against the Nation – with other ordinary criminals. An Osama Bin Laden was dealt with US in this way. Other criminals and even murderers in US do not get such treatment. Give the terrorist many times that of what he has tried to give us. No compromises. No pardons.

13.                As an ordinary Indian citizen, I can think of many such strategies. If our Parliamentarians, all the 550 and odd of them, come together, unite and plan, I am sure, they will devise many more effective strategies. Government can, in fact, encourage brain storming sessions in all of our IIMs and other premier Management Institutions to conduct such brain storming and research sessions – to come up with many ideas with great Potential. As the saying goes – if you want the best idea – Generate many ideas first.

14.                Getting the best of weapons for the Anti Terrorist squads, having a hundred such squads at the least,(may be more), Giving them free hand in tackling terrorists without Political interference, Putting them under the most honest and courageous leadership, and such other actions – all can be taken within, say, ONE YEAR, from now – if people and leaders come together. 

15.                If some rules are to be broken for the purpose, let all parties come together (at least 2/3rds) – and break any rule together, to save the nation. I think, this must be acceptable.

16.                Statesmen are not really different from other leaders. Leaders can become statesman – by taking a visionary stand, in specific, emergent circumstance. This is one such circumstance, for India. Let all of our leaders look beyond their party, religion, region, caste and other boundaries – and ensure that India is made un-vulnerable to any terrorist attacks in future. This effort will give India, many extraordinary Benefits (as side-effects!)-making us the No.1 Nation much sooner than ever predicted.

 *  *  *   E  N  D   *  *  *

Saturday, September 10, 2011




One of the most ancient structures which is dividing India into Mutually exclusive Groups is the structure of Caste.

Like any other such ancient structure, when it had started, it may have had its Justification. It is said – that division of work was the basis of division of people into castes. This Justification by itself seems sound. Possibly – our ancients could find no other better structure for the society.

Every Society, any way, is always divided into neat segments based on the Nature of work people do. It was so, thousands of years ago. It is so, even today. It is so, in every country.

But, the institution of caste has only made the structure hereditary. This hereditary nature of caste has acquired a lot of flab over a period of time, and has forgotten its original intent.

People have come to believe that this hereditary nature of caste invests unfair distribution of skills, intelligence and other properties even at genetic level – and therefore is unjust to people.

But we do not really find this genetic distribution of skills etc in reality today. People from all Castes are able to climb up the ladder in any skill – given proper encouragement and environment. There are thousands and lakhs of standing examples for this all over India. Indians – belonging to any caste – are in no way deficient in any learning skills.

But what the caste structure has really done is to alter the cultural environment in which people of different castes live.

Drunkenness is more widely prevalent among certain castes than in others.

Verbal Violence is more widely prevalent in certain castes than in others.

Physical violence – some may call it courage - is more widely prevalent in certain castes than in Others.

Certainly, in these 3 aspects, all people of these castes do not imbibe these qualities. Many do. Many feel, they do. People say – I belong to this caste. Therefore, I am very courageous.  More than courage, it is violence – physical and verbal – that prevails in them today.But, undoubtedly, these are prevalent to a lesser extent in other castes.

Cleanliness, or the lack of it,  can be seen a little more among certain castes and a little less in certain others. But, probably, poverty and the 3 factors mentioned above can be reasons for it.

But, in my view, these 4 qualities, more than any other, are acting as cultural barriers between various castes. Drunkenness must go from all castes if people need to come up culturally and economically – and integrate with all others who are not prone to drunkenness. Verbal violence must go from all, if others can become able to befriend them and integrate with them. Physical violence must be shunned by all people – even while encouraging Courage - if all others have to live in peace with them. Cleanliness is a factor that can be easily achieved.

These are not great dividing walls – if we choose to pull them down. Look at Anna Hazare’s movement against corruption. By and large, people of all castes, who are not drunk, who are not unclean, who are not verbally or physically violent united under Anna’s leadership for the limited purpose of fighting corruption. If they continue under such an umbrella for some time, they will all look like a homogeneous group – or one single caste.

There is another quality which also acts as a differentiator. That quality is vegetarianism. But, this should not be considered as a great differentiator. It is a great quality, though, the number of non-vegetarians is far larger. If non-vegetarians accommodate the needs of vegetarians ; see their need as essential and provide for the needs of the vegetarians, at every function, this problem is solved. What is required is – understanding the special needs of some sections in certain small matters. As simple as that.

All other differentiators are very minor – and their impact is not much.

Are good and bad behaviors -  differentiators based on CASTE? Definitely not. There are good and bad people in all castes. Good People are not well organized. But, bad people (of all castes) are well organized – especially for doing bad things. I think, historically, it was always so.

But, it is now the time that Good people of all castes come together – especially for abolishing caste – without pain for anybody.

We have all inherited CASTE. None of us existing today have created or added or modified or in any way added to the structure of Caste. Along with caste, some habits may have come. If they are good habits, fine. Else, we will just get rid of the bad habits. But, we must abolish the root cause of our division, namely, Caste.

Why should we abolish Caste structure today? What if it is allowed to continue further?

1.   Most of our children – do not want to be divided on the basis of caste. They are receiving the same type of education – and are making friendships across all castes without difference. Ask them. They would want the caste structure to disappear at the earliest.
2.   Many youngsters are falling in love beyond the caste barriers. It is now happening very widely. It would be unnatural and unnecessary cruelty to keep them divided or to fight with them for the sake of caste.
3.   People of different castes are in similar jobs. There are software Engineers from all castes. There are Government officers from all castes. There are Politicians from all castes. There are soldiers, Policemen, Doctors, Professors, teachers and judges from all castes. If work is the differentiating factor – the profession followed must determine caste. Not the Birth. So, this rationale has also disappeared almost totally - for differentiating people on the basis of caste.
4.   United we survive and thrive; divided we fall; There is every good reason to unite ourselves and pull down the barricades, barriers and walls that divide us. In all countries – we see that - the less the dividers, the greater the progress; the greater the unity; the greater their strength of survival and prosperity. The progress of USA, China, European Nations etc – are all pointers to it. The fighting nations are fighting on the basis of dividers like caste, religion, sect, race etc. Fortunately, almost all Indians belong to a similar racial origin – barring some small differences. Therefore, it is easy and necessary to pull down the caste structure and unite all the people within a time frame of say, 10-20 years.
5.   The ancient Vedas etc may have talked about caste structure. But, there are enough evidences in them – that people could change from one caste to another by changing their work. If all people come to ONE CASTE  or one Group – then, what Vedas say will remain largely in theory – as far as caste structure is concerned. It will no more affect us – in any aspect, especially emotionally. We will no more feel superior or inferior by virtue of birth.
6.   What are India’s needs today?
7.   We need a strong powerful, united youth – which can resist any aggressive plan of any external aggressor. Unfortunately – we are surrounded by great friendly neighbours on all sides – so Unity for this one reason itself is a necessity. An external aggressor is not going to spare you or me because of your caste or mine. For them – we are all one group – without any difference even today. As Vivekananda said, we must be physically fit and we must all be patriotic – before we can achieve any thing significant. Is there any question, which caste must be patriotic and which caste not? No. All of us must be.
8.   We must also, all be  highly educated, highly goal oriented, and must all be high achievers in our fields of endeavour. Is there a question – who must be and who must not be? No. All must be.
9.   We must also, all be a joyful society, happy with each other and happy with our own self. This is possible – very easily, if we unite as a single caste (or just as a homogeneous religion).This means – we must be physically strong, intellectually high achievers, and emotionally a joyful society.
10.                India is very rich in spiritual achievement. Our system of Yoga and Vedanta – do not at all differentiate any one on caste basis – even as they are. Our spirituality is one – which shows us a path – in which we don’t need blind belief or faith. But, they prove to us the spiritual truths at every step of our spiritual journey. Yoga is far ahead of the rest of the world – and gives us rare power on our own self. It makes us fine, well accomplished and healthy individuals –at the same time, taking us step by step towards the highest spiritual goals – without the need for any blind beliefs. Adi Sankara (& Ramanuja and many others) have said that one who seeks Brahma Jnana (or spiritual knowledge) does not and should not differentiate on the basis of caste. So – People must only become honest individuals to pursue this rare and most useful science. Our spirituality is not faith or belief. It is science all the way. Caste is not only not necessary but a great barrier to spiritual knowledge.
11.                Many spiritual teachers of India today – like Sri Sri Ravishankar, Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev, Swami RamDevji, Swami sukhabodhanada are spreading spirituality breaking all caste barriers. Their disciples come from all castes and even from all religions. Their good work is only to be carried forward by all of us. It takes only a decision by us – to break these barriers. No doubt, cultural equality may take some time – say 15-to 20 years. But, the march towards it can start in our minds with this definite purpose today -Now.

What are the other barriers to the abolition of CASTE.

Some Politicians would want to preserve it – for a divide and rule policy and for vote bank politics to which they are deeply accustomed. But, I do feel, many well meaning Politicians will support this – if an all-inclusive, “no-hatred-for-anyone” based movement for abolition of caste starts at social and Governmental level simultaneously.

Any such movement has to be on convincing basis and not on conflict basis. It is possible. It is desirable. It is necessary. And, it is urgent too. 20 years is not too long a time to complete the process.

We may have to dismantle not only caste but other structures based on caste. One of them naturally is caste based reservation. My feeling is – keeping the need for unity in view, those among the SCs/STs who have sufficient education and Income must now be given an option to come out of this scheme on their own. Likewise, other Hindus must also be given an option to disown their caste. Let there be an officially recognized and growing population of Casteless Hindus, which will provide a great incentive in itself for the caste system to dissolve and disappear very quickly.

To facilitate this – all writings and speeches denigrating this caste or that caste must be banned. When we want to unite, we must build bridges and not walls. In any ancient writings also,  if any denigrating writings about any caste is there – let us not teach that any where today. We can even modify them or erase them to that extent. Likewise, nobody today, must be allowed to write or publish any thing that denigrates this or that caste.

India needs this reform. Government must initiate this reform. Political leaders (with good intentions) must initiate this reform. Social leaders must initiate this reform. Spiritual leaders must initiate this reform.

Hinduism devoid of caste structure is never a threat to any one else. It is a friend of every one. It is the Best that India can offer to the world.

My request to readers is - kindly spread this idea to all of your friends - and let like minded people start coming together. Kindly give your ideas on the steps and methods by which we can achieve this goal quickly. Wherever possible - affirm your personal commitment to abolition of caste.

* * *  E N D  * * *