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Is Homosexuality a Crime or Not?

The possible answers could be – (1) Yes; (2) No; (3) May be; (4) Sometimes, in certain circumstances, YES &  Sometimes, in certain other circumstances, NO.

Let us all  examine these all possible answers below :

If someone with an aggressive homo-sexual instinct indulges in unnatural sexual acts – against the wishes of the victim of the same sex - it must be treated as akin to RAPE. In such cases, the answer will have to be an EMPHATIC  YES.

Yes, Homosexual acts by a sex crazy homosexual against normal, heterosexuals in a hapless, helpless position – must be treated as CRIME. 

No one can say, such things are not happening at all. Homosexuality is not the normal, socially prevalent sexual instinct and at least some Homosexuals are aggressive and do try to indulge in Homo sexual behavior in public and private places with helpless victims who do not want it.

About 40 years ago, I myself had to face one such situation. I was a young and innocent boy of about 15 years and was traveling by the first compartment behind the Coal Engine of the local train In Madras City. When the train was in Motion, one of the drivers jumped back into our compartment, sat by my side and started opening my Pant buttons and zip. He was trying to get inside and manipulate my private parts. I was too weak and too terrified to extricate myself from his hold. The next local station came and he went again into the Engine for his duties. I had no time even to zip back my pants, but got out of the compartment and ran as fast back towards the last compartment as I could. I could hear his shouts asking me to come back. This forcible homosexual assault happened to myself when I was a very young Boy. 

After that, I had been reading numerous news reports about male wardens in Boys’ hostels, indulging in such homosexual acts on boys in the hostel. The Boys become helpless and put up with these acts or run away from there. Gradually, when the Boys grow older under such circumstances, they also start doing the same to younger Boys in the same hostel. This is just like ragging. This sort of news also used to appear many times in News Papers.

How can we not call all this as NOT A CRIME AT ALL? I am sure, many readers would have read such news in many News Papers.

The shrill cries of Homosexual Groups on the streets and the sympathetic “ayes” by some sections of the Media and some Politicians are totally Blind to these realities. Homosexuality in some cases may be Genetic. I do not know if that is the correct position or not. But, it may be. I will not deny that.

But, in many cases, someone becomes a homosexual – by being subjected to forceful  homo-sexual acts by another Homo-sexual.  In other words, at least some Homosexuals are abnormally sex crazy, Just like  rapists, and they not only rape others of their own sex, but, eventually convert them also into Homosexuality. That is to say – homosexuality could be spreading – like a contagious disease to others – even if some people may be Homosexual by Birth and some may be not very sex-crazy as above.

In my view, these instances of touching the private parts of people of either their own sex or of the other sex – must merit severe punishment under RAPE LAWS. Public or private homosexual behavior – against strangers, or those unwilling, including touching private parts or kissing on lips etc , by people of same sex – must be BANNED – and treated as offences.

Boys’ Hostels are especially the Dens where Homosexuality breeds – and they must be watched much more carefully. 

The second case to examine is – where is the instance of Homosexuality not a crime? Assuming that 2 individuals are confirmed Homosexuals and have declared themselves so, will it be proper to allow them to indulge in Homosexual behavior in the privacy of their rooms. What is done in the privacy of their rooms with full mutual consent may perhaps not attract anyone’s attention. Even if it is not very acceptable to the majority of people, this will go unnoticed. So, what is even unnoticed – cannot be a crime.

But, there are angles even in this, which impinge on healthy social order. Let us say X is a Homosexual residing in Town A and has struck a relationship with Y in the same town. Let us assume, their relationship is purely their private affair, and not a crime. 

But, after some time, if X has to go away from Town A on tour or transfer or some such reason to a far away town B; will X continue relationship with Y (and if so, how, from such distance) – or, seek another partner Z in Town B. 

My strong hunch is – he will seek another partner in Town B; and for this purpose, X must do his exploration among normal heterosexual individuals, till he finds another acceptable, accepting homosexual. Now, this exploration of X for a partner among other people is what becomes nauseating and objectionable – until X finds a partner in Z.

This doesn’t usually happen in normal Heterosexual relationships. 

A wife and Husband remain wife and husband even after such transfers, even if they have to be away from each other for years. Do we not know that? Very few break their relationship and go for new partners in every town they are transferred to. 

But, this does not seem to be the case in Homosexual relationships. To me, the sexual instinct and need for a sexual partner seems much higher among Homos than Heteros. The latter will always remember their spouses and have no great sexual urgency, till they meet their spouses after a period of being away from each other. 

Not only that, a wife and husband usually will make all-out efforts to come together at some place throughout their life. This behaviour of Heteros is common knowledge. I don’t think this permanent bond exists among homos.

Therefore, these factors need to be investigated by unbiased, impartial social psychologists in India – in the best interests of heterosexuals; which when ensured, in the interests of Homosexuals too.

Some Politicians are jumping to conclusions without adequate examination of the social implications of such acts.

It is definitely not the case – that Homosexuals must be treated like criminals.They too must have respectable place in Society.

But, homosexual acts, especially towards heterosexuals must be treated as crimes. Also, the spread of Homosexuality by any Homosexual to others who are not Homos must be stopped. Public exhibition of Homosexuality in any manner must be stopped, as this itself could encourage some people to tease younger, weaker persons of the same sex with such behavior.

All this said – if some people are GENETICALLY HOMOSEXUAL – I do not know if this is so, but I do accept, it is probable – then, allowing them to have relationships of a permanent nature among themselves must be Lawful. Their relationship must not be treated as CRIME.

Simply because, some countries in the west are allowing homosexuality in an unbridled manner, without an iota of examining its roots, there is no need for India to be rushing into the same. I accept that I am certainly not the expert in the matter. I go by my personal experience and what we read in news papers at times. 

There may be Perfectly acceptable circumstances in which Homosexual relations must be accepted by all people. All I know perfectly well is – there are circumstances in which Homosexual behavior is as much a crime as RAPE.

My appeal is - the Supreme Court in its wisdom needs to consider all these aspects. Also, Indian media – visual and print both – must examine all such aspects before clamouring for doing what the west has done.

Given the choice – would you like your child to be Homo or Hetero? Think of that. Exceptions need understanding and sympathy. That is so always.

But, the whole society must not be turned into EXCEPTIONS because of misdirected sympathy.

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People ‘s behavior is sometimes weird, mad, senseless , unintelligent, unreasonable...and so on. Young and Old, Educated and uneducated, rich and poor – all behave in these ways at times. Only Extreme instances of this kind are reported in news papers. I propose to cover some of them from now on – in this Blog – just to show that Human beings are not always Intelligent and reasoning. For reasons of Brevity, the news will be summarized – just HighLighting the weird and stupid portions. The names will, however be mentioned as XYZ or ABC and so on..As far as possible, the URL number also will be given.

TOI DT 22 DEC 2013 :


This really isn’t News : we all know, it is happening. Here is the News (summarized) :

Forget the proverbial seven-year-itch. Newlyweds should prepare for the two-year-hitch as a growing number of couples are hitting deadlock soon after wedlock..... Long courtship prior to marriage, approval of both families etc – are now no Guarantees for sustenance of marriages.

..empirical evidence, both in households and counseling clinics, supports the assumption that marriages have a shorter shelf-life...and ..are falling apart very early. More than 10 % of cases I handle are ones where the couple is separating within one or two years of marriage," says a counselor. "In fact my chamber has cases where couples/clients have approached me seeking legal advice to terminate their marriage which is probably less than a month old for various reasons. Most don't understand the responsibilities that come along with marriage and they either lack maturity in handling a marital relationship or they lack guidance."

Couples who may have dated for a year or two, and then strangely claim incompatibility or temperamental differences after swapping rings – and this is a relatively recent development. "As a lawyer this surprises me - their 'incompatibility' post their marriage and perfect compatibility prior to it," she confides.

A psychiatrist cum author says.. "Where the previous generation viewed marriage as a sacrament, the younger generation of urban Indians tends to view marriage more as a relationship between consenting adults,"  
Most young couples won't give marriage a chance because they've already made up their minds that it won't work, and they don't want to waste time force-fitting one's square into the other's circle. Compromise in the modern urban dictionary is a dirty word. "They don't want to live through a hard-fought reconciliation, believing they can cut their losses early and do better next time, except that they don't realize the problem for the marriage not working lies partly with them, and it may well travel into their subsequent relationships," says a communications specialist.

Some see it differently. "People have a tendency to be idealistic about the past - we'd like to think politicians were once honest and marriages were good," says  one, who views marriage as a social contract to have children, one that holds little water in an age of single parenting and adoption. "Marriage as a concept is fast approaching its sell-by date. Even the government now recognizes the legal validity of the live-in relationship," he argues, rattling off names of five people he knows who are/have dissolved their marriages within a span of a couple of years.

A social activist says that of those who have approached her to litigate within weeks of marriage, some have families backing them all the way. "Earlier parents would tell their children, don't come weeping if things don't work out. They're now saying if you can't adjust come back. Our social set-up is more accepting," says she. "I've also seen marriages break up within a couple of years in smaller cities like Salem, Pondicherry and Madurai," she states.

Many of these marriages are too short for the couple to have children and that saves them a whole deal of custodial wrangling when they want out. Interestingly, while both parties may have resisted reconciliation in marriage, they embrace it in divorce, to make it quick and painless.
Another clinical psychiatrist cum psychotherapist places part of the blame for quick splits on our need for instant gratification. "Narcissism is at an all time high," she maintains, "It's about me, myself and my own baggage and you with yours; not collaboratively ours." She says.... Couples are ready to part ways for reasons that may have once been considered frivolous...

There's another factor weighing in on shrink-wrapped marriage: the growing economic and concomitant social independence of women that permits many to walk out. Ms.XYZ in Delhi pulled out of wedlock almost immediately after marrying her colleague when she discovered what she calls "a shocking mismatch of expectations". "After marriage, he wanted me to be a traditional wife with 'duties', but I cannot conform to any preset ideals," says she who walked out of her marital home after a few months, and after a year filed for divorce with mutual consent.  "We live in a schizophrenic society and marriage is the watershed that exposes the double standards in relationships," ABC says emphatically.
My Comments : World over, everybody is becoming acutely conscious of his/her rights, but is conveniently forgetful of all DUTIES and RESPONSIBILITIES, in any relationship. In a relationship, be it as Spouse or as Citizen, only when each discharges his/her responsibility – can everyone’s rights be availed. They become automatic in a world where everyone does his/her duty first. More so, in a wife-husband relationship. Love is the most meaningless word that is proliferating in all relationships where expectations from the other is High but willingness to offer one’s own side is almost totally absent. The same person who says, “I love you so much that I willing to die if life is without you”, is unwilling to even make a coffee/tea for the partner. In the latter comes the ego feeling, am I your servant to do all this? So, there goes the relationship into hot air. There are too many double standards – in all these so called Love relationships – many of which are doomed to failure – even before they start.

Where there is Genuine love, willingness to adjust to and support each others’ requirements, life and love are always – forever ; love in them grows with each day.

.....More news will be added..daily...

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People ‘s behavior is sometimes weird, mad, senseless , unintelligent, unreasonable...and so on. Young and Old, Educated and uneducated, rich and poor – all behave in these ways at times. Only Extreme instances of this kind are reported in news papers. I propose to cover some of them from now on – in this Blog – just to show that Human beings are not always Intelligent and reasoning. For reasons of Brevity, the news will be summarized – just HighLighting the weird and stupid portions. The names will, however be mentioned as XYZ or ABC and so on..As far as possible, the URL number also will be given.

1.      TOI DT16.12.13 (Page.3):CHENNAI: A college student committed suicide at her house in East Mogappair on Saturday after her father rebuked her for talking continuously to her friends on the cellphone.... Ms.XYZ, 18, a second-year degree student at a private college in Anna Nagar, was found hanging from the ceiling of the first floor of the house..... Family members told the police that Ms.XYZ was upset after her father, Mr.XYZ, chided her for talking to her friends on the cellphone.

2.      T.O.I: CHENNAI: Police on Friday arrested a 35-year-old Pastor  charges of kidnapping and raping a  minor Girl. Mr.XYZ  kidnapped the girl, daughter of a sub-inspector, on March 16 and took her to Hosur where they had been staying since. The pastor, who saw the girl during her visit to a church, later visited her house under the pretext of conducting prayers and developed a relationship, police said. Mr.XYZ, who was already married with a child, eloped with the girl when she came out of her house on March 16.  Her father who lodged a police complaint learnt that the pastor was also missing from the same day as his wife Mrs.XYZ lodged a separate complaint to trace him. As efforts to trace the pastor and the girl failed, the sub-inspector approached the Madras high court.  Police then swung into action and traced M.XYZ and the girl to a lodge in Hosur. The girl was rescued and the pastor remanded in judicial custody.

3.      TOI DT 17-Dec-13 : An Italian student protester has been charged with sexual assault after she was pictured kissing a riot police officer's helmet during a demonstration last month....The 20-year-old student was photographed kissing officer Salvatore Piccione during a protest against a planned rail link in Northern Italy..... The photograph of Nina De Chiffre went viral on social media and was hailed as a symbol of peaceful protest in the country....However, COISP, a union representing Italian police officers, later revealed that they had lodged a complaint with Turin prosecutors....Franco Maccari, the union's general secretary told La Repubblica: "We have accused the protester of sexual violence and insulting a public official. If the policeman had kissed her, World War III would have broken out," he said. "Or what if I had patted her on the behind? She would have been outraged. So if she does that to a man on duty, should it be tolerated?", he added...It later emerged that Nina De Chiffre had not only kissed the officer but had also licked her fingers and touched his mouth. According to reports the protester has since been charged with "sexual violence" and causing "offence to a public official".Riot officer Salvatore Piccione said: "When I'm wearing my uniform, I represent the police institution, and I have an obligation not to react to provocation."

TOI :21-DEC-2013 : 

The Pune rural police on Thursday arrested a 50-year-old school teacher, Mr.XYZ from Bhigwan, after the court rejected his anticipatory bail plea , for allegedly sending an eight-page love letter to a tenth standard girl from his school. He had also kept Rs 5,000 with the letter asking her to 'purchase gifts'.
Mr.XYZ took the notebooks of all students from standard X, in which the girl was studying, to check their homework. "He corrected the books of all the students and returned them. However, the girl received her book covered. When she opened the book, she found the letter and the cash. She read the letter and was shocked by its contents. He had written in the letter that he loved her a lot and that it was impossible for him to teach when she was absent. He had written some 'shayari' (Urdu couplets) in the letter," he said.  The Police said the letter also mentioned that the girl should tell her parents that she had found the Rs 5,000 on the road.

.....More news will be added..daily...