Saturday, September 17, 2016


MY TWEETS DATED 17.09.2016





I have sent in my suggestions for reform of National Education Policy,2016 on 15th of this month.
I intend to add more suggestions and send before 30th. Here are the suggestions :

@vvijayamohan Education is a Great Transformational Change factor. Every lesson must focus on some Positive change in students

@vvijayamohan Education must be contemporary and not obsolete. Book revision must be a constant process.

@vvijayamohan Ability to live and adjust in any part of the world must be inculcated. Truth, character and values a must for students.

@vvijayamohan Teach open mindedness and receptiveness - for constant improvement in all aspects of life.

@vvijayamohan avoidance of ragging, eve teasing must be inculcated more forcefully, as part of subjects

@vvijayamohan Teach mutual respect between boys and girls and highest respect for women - through lessons and practice.

@vvijayamohan Teach goal orientation or ambition but also sportive acceptance of result. No depressive moods.

@vvijayamohan Teach a little Ayurveda, Yoga, Olympic sports, health & strength building. We need strong students.

@vvijayamohan Most lessons must achieve some national / state goal. No goal-less, non-useful lessons.

@vvijayamohan Encourage all donors to assist poor students in a big way .Give IT benefit for instituting scholarships,giving books,fees etc

@vvijayamohan CSR spending for next 2-3 Yrs shall be on school upgradation.

@vvijayamohan Develop National Minimum syllabus which is compulsory for all schools. Balance shall be state syllabus. Inculcate nationalism

@vvijayamohan a lot must be taught at schools - about body, mind, diseases, their avoidance, common herbal plants, their uses.

@vvijayamohan Teach students - critical, creative, lateral and innovative thinking - in all subjects. Learning and memorizing is 2nd priority

@vvijayamohan Education continuance throughout life must be made much easier by open Universities etc.

@vvijayamohan Teach students - all are equal at birth, no one is superior or inferior. Unity of students is key for Nation's strength

@vvijayamohan Allow students in 12th-to choose their caste based on aptitude & competence.100 slokas of Gita a must to choose 2 be Brahmin

@vvijayamohan castes will get redefined by choice. Competence will rule, not birth.

@vvijayamohan Inculcate compassion and unity among students

@vvijayamohan Teach students martial arts, wrestling, gymnastics & other Olympic sports & indian Kalari, kabaddi etc. Promote strength, courage

@vvijayamohan Inculcate values like non-violence, truth, courage, compassion, trust, trustworthiness, cooperation,co-existence in students

@vvijayamohan Teach students their fundamental duties, rights, values. Teach also  duties of various Government arms.

@vvijayamohan After 12 years schooling, one must be capable, skillful, employable and an asset to society. Education must ensure this

@vvijayamohan Teach contemporary & useful history & sciences. Not of centuries old history of Aurangazeb,killing bros & jailing parents.

@vvijayamohan More than 50% of present syllabus is not useful or practical. Weed it out and make all lessons purposeful , useful, practical.

@vvijayamohan Education must aim to inculcate positive tendencies and dissolve negative tendencies

@vvijayamohan : India must have National goals and choices. students must imbibe them and be nationalistic, motivated and disciplined

@vvijayamohan Education must teach right choice making in all aspects of life.Lessons must teach ways to meet life's challenges

@vvijayamohan Not Just knowledge; skill building and practice must be inculcated in students. Education must be usable, useful and practical

@vvijayamohan Enrol 100 % children. ensure no dropouts. Mid day meals for poor children a must.

@vvijayamohan Text books must be thoroughly reformed to cover all these aspects

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