Thursday, March 20, 2014

NARENDRA MODI - THE NEW MANTRA FOR INDIA - BJP strategy - How to win the 2014 Election ?




We don't know when Lord Krishna will come again according to his above stated promise. Perhaps that will happen towards the end of Kaliyug. But, periodically, he sends suitable emissaries to set the world right  to some extent.

Very Urgently, India needs to rid itself of Corruption, Casteism, Communalism and huge inequalities and mutual suspicions built by the Political class for 66 years.

Most Politicians today are dishonest, corrupt and anti-people. They have built an election system in which common man has no place. A potential candidate requires crores of rupees to contest an election. Which common man can afford this? Money, Liquor and many freebees flow in the process of election - despite an efficient Election commission making all-out efforts to control these malpractices. The urge of Political class to indulge in corruption is so great. The kick-backs to them after elections appear unbelievable. That is the reason for so much of corruption in India.

The Political class have corrupted the Police system so much that common man in India today, is more afraid of the Police system - than of the Criminals and their nexus. This is not because the common man is criminalistic, but many in the Police are hand in gloves with the criminals on one side and with the corrupt Politicians on the other side. These are hard, harsh realities in India today.

The Indian rupee has gone down from Rs.1 = $1 parity in the initial days of our  Independence to Rs.62 (& more) = $1 today. This one degradation of Indian Rupee is enough of an illustration for the misgovernance that has taken place in the last 66 years.

But, the average Politician is just not worried about this mis-governance that has taken place. He is not even apologetic about it. He justifies it. He justifies it on so many grounds. The problem with the ordinary people is - they are willing to vote for the same people who misgoverned - based on the same false promises which have continued for 66 years.

But, this time, in this Elections-2014, it could be different. Many people in India have woken up to new possibilities. Unlike all General elections to the Parliament fought before 2013, the General Elections - 2014 could be significantly  and qualitatively different.

The foremost factor which makes it so different is none other than - Narendra Modi. BJP has done the wisest thing in declaring Narendra Modi as its PM candidate. Subsequent to that declaration, Narendra Modi has turned the tide - a lot of it - in BJP's favour. The small hitches here and there do remain in BJP. Ex - stalwarts who can't win an election on their own but were leaders of the BJP Party in their own right  earlier - are creating problems for their own party in winning this election. All BJP leaders need to realize that this 2014 Election is a Historic Opportunity for them to come to power and prove themselves once and for ever - and they can do it only if they wholeheartedly support Narendra Modi as the PM.  These small EGOs can fritter away the chances of BJP from coming to Power. In other words, all leaders and workers must whole-heartedly and unconditionally support Narendra Modi in all his efforts to turn the people's minds into votes for BJP. Yes. They must all add their might in their own way in this war to win the election. They must all speak in addition to and in support of Modi all over the country.

The Elections are fast approaching and we don't heard Modi or Jaitley or Sushma to the extent we need to , in any grand Public speeches for weeks. Preparatory Material for each speech must come from efficient knowledgeable background men. But, it doesn't seem to be coming to the extent, it is needed for each state. This  disarray in Election machinery and Election efforts is disconcerting. Country is chanting Modi, Modi,Modi but not BJP! Come on BJP. Gear up. Election is on hand. Win it. By all means. No time for small squabbles. 

Narendra Modi is even now being tarred with 2002 RIOTS by persons like Rahul Gandhi. Each one of the BJP leaders must be howling at Congress and its leaders for their 1984 Sikh riots record. But, we really don't hear that much from most BJP leaders, except two or three,  calling for the scalp of the Congress leadership  before they even open their mouths about 2002, in which guilty have been punished by the efforts of Modi Government. Mostly, two or three leaders only defend Modi and that too Mildly. BJP must put the Congress on the Mat for their Sikh riots record.  I consider this, as a Big failure on the part of BJP.

The second is the tag of communalism that is attached to BJP. Some BJP leaders are unnecessarily raking up insane issues like Ram Mandir, which can never be solved by Governments until the top court permits it. That therefore becomes a communal agenda in Elections and a most insane, useless agenda at that.  BJP must shun this totally, as Political Agenda. That, it can never be. For every vote BJP may gain by raking up Mandir issue, BJP will be losing 100 votes elsewhere, and many Potential allies too. 

Therefore only, most of India considers Narendra Modi a more sane, intelligent, secular, progressive leader among all other BJP leaders. I have myself watched Modi for several years now. He never ever once uttered a single word on communal lines. He has run Gujarat  in the most secular way for the last 12 or more years and in the most progressive way. He ensured the calming of the riots in 2002 in the most effective, practical way. He ensured that the Guilty in the 2002 riots are punished very fast. This is in sharp contrast to the Dismal congress Record in Anti-sikh riots. 

Unlike all leaders of all Parties, including BJP, it is Narendra Modi, and he alone, who has made development of India the central theme of 2014 Elections. 

Congress is still in the mire communalism, reservations and all the muck it has been in for 66 years and always attempting to divide Indian electorate on communal lines. Therefore, it is time to bury the Congress,  lock, stock and barrel. Look at the way, it trusted TRS, divided Andhra Pradesh against the advice of all local leaders in the hope that TRS will merge itself with Congress! KCR is not the type of Politicians who can be trusted to fulfill promises made to anybody. He has smelled Power in Telangana all for himself. So, why will he merge with Congress? Unlike his pronouncements before Telangana Bill was passed,  he has now blandly declared to go alone in Elections. He does not give an iota of credit to congress in passing the T'Bill.  Ditto, to BJP. 

BJP must realize its folly and see clearly how it can mend its stand. Never ever ally with promise brerakers like KCR. It must ally with Chandra babu Naidu on both sides and fight elections. Chandra is any time a more dependable leader and as progressive as Modi himself in running Government. Together, Modi and Chandra can win the Seemandra side and gain considerable clout in Telangana too. The eventual brotherhood and friendship of both people is good for both and for the country - even if the states remain separate. But, KCR is trying to fan the feelings of hatred between the 2 peoples already. That needs to be countered by both TDP and BJP.

Modi must be on tour all the time now - addressing meetings in every state; meeting common people here and there and focusing on issues of national and local development. Other leaders must take on Rahul, Arvind kejriwal and other opponents in all their speeches with much greater enregy, much more forceful logic and much more consistency. 

A winning strategy  is a must; BJP must carve out the strategy first; and make it work well. In the absence of it, BJP may find itself in the sort of stalemate it found in Delhi Assembly elections. Very near to the Goal Post but yet not in it. A huge opportunity was lost in Delhi because of not having a winning strategy.

 Jaitley, Sushma and other star speakers must also be doing the talking all the time now. All leaders must present a United Picture to all people. Likewise, Modi must also consciously promote the Image of Jaitley and Sushma who are extraordinarily Brilliant leaders in their own right. 

I, like many others, was impressed by Arvind Kejriwal before the Delhi Elections. I always thought, BJP must be the ruling party but AAP must be the main opposition party, with congress fading out totally.

But, to my utter disappointment, AK has been a Big failure in governing Delhi. He made utterly untenable and unachievable promises like 50% Power Bill cut and free water for all -  and then ran away from Power even before CAG Audit is over. Thereafter, he has been threatening power companies, other companies like Reliance and Adani, all Media houses ( even sending them to Jail) - and the number of untruths he has been uttering in Public life - in such a short span of 2 months - makes a very sad reading.  The way he was asking a TV channel to play up certain sentences, play down certain others - displays his untruthful, dictatorial style very clearly. Given sufficient time, even Congress under Rahul and the youngsters in Congress could become better alternative than AAP.

But right now, it is time for India to instal Modi - as PM. It is time for India to vote for a developmental agenda under Modi's leadership. Calling it Gujarat Model etc is meaningless. Modi is only pointing at what he has done in Gujarat and is assuring us that he will devote himself fully to the development of India without any caste or religious considerations. It will be India Model - nothing short of it and not just Gujarat Model. 

 India must become No.1 in the comity of all nations. All Indians must have jobs. All must have opportunities to develop themselves. All must sink their caste and religious differences in Public life. This must be done as fast as India can. Therefore do we need Narendra Modi. No other party ever forgets caste or religious Identities. But, BJP under Modi will.

Regional Parties have a disastrous role in Parliament Elections. We have seen this in UPA II sufficiently. People must therefore vote for BJP straight. BJP must  contest at least 300+ seats and try to win all of them by itself. Allies will come; but BJP must aim for a straight victory for BJP itself in Parliament. It must aim for 300+ and not for 272+. 

Even people in southern states like Tamilnadu are looking for Modi. Don't go by the vociferous talking of some of the Dravidian Parties.  Given the right alternative, Tamilnadu will be more than willing to dump the foul-smelling casteist logics of many Dravidian outfits and vote for a casteless, clean atmosphere. Ditto with Karnataka, Kerala and AP. Appeal on secular, developmental basis. Appeal to people - to unite and stay united and Grow fast.

This is the New mantra for India. Unite and Win; And, Unite and Grow. This has been the Mantra of Modi for decades now. Let this Mantra create a new India in 2014.

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