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Reforming Education System is the most urgent and important need in India today.

In the three parts earlier, we examined -

(1)        What Great people think of Education system,
(2)        The Need to build Character through Education system.
(3)        The need to gradually phase out the CASTE SYSTEM – through Education – and Bring Unity among all people
(4)        The need for day to day skills like cooking
(5)        Greater stress on sports and Games
(6)        The need for lateral, creative and objective thinking
(7)        Skills to fix basic electrical and electronic appliances

India is a secular country. But, secular Education is not availed by certain sections of the society and they still prefer their own religious schools. Madrasas for Muslims and Christian schools for Christians are all over India and proliferating.

But, Hindu scriptural teaching is not available anywhere. Thus, while Islamic religious education and Christian religious education are available, Hindu religious education is missing. Many social ills in India today are due to such lop-sided education, we don’t know anything about the Major Religions of India.

Indian secularism has thus become a negative, negating concept and not a positive, inclusive concept.

In last three years, I have been studying the Gita and the Upanishads. The more I understand them, the more, I feel that they do not belong to a Particular religion in the conventional sense, but, belong to the whole humanity. They are one of the RICHEST SOURCE of all morals, ethics and the best practices of social living.

It is the lack of their knowledge that makes many Hindus practice untouchability, superior-inferior complexes and so on. India takes a person from worship of everything in Nature, to a single representative thing (an idol or such things), and from there to a shapeless formless God and finally to a level where one sees himself in all beings and all beings in one’s own self. The Individual must realize the divinity in himself.

These are based on solid, sound reasoning. Lack of knowledge of these extraordinary and highly scientific methods even among the Hindus has given rise to various misconceptions in the minds of other religions and Hindus themselves – that Hinduism has so many gods, Hindus worship only Idols and so on, which is far from truth. All religious Acharyas like Adi Sankaracharya and Ramanujacharya have condemned the practice of UNTOUCHABILITY in strong terms.

Adi Sankaracharya has invoked the authority of Siva Himself, who directed him not to practice un-touchability. Therefore, Adi Sankara's clear message is that NO ONE  should practice untouchability. The latest to tell us this by personal practice is - Mahatma Gandhi himself. In spite of that, if it still exists, we have to blame our so called secular education, which doesn’t teach this great aspect of religion.

I have read the Bible too to a reasonable extent.I have heard parts of Koran from many of my Muslim friends.

The point is - India must introduce a positive all-inclusive religious education, taking the best aspects of each religion. India must become a Model country, where people understand each religion in the country – and choose their personal religion freely – according to their conscience, instead of basing it on somebody else’s conversion inducements. In all religions, we do find extremely liberal, tolerant, well informed Individuals, who do adopt to such liberal religious practices.

Which means - an Individual may at his option, adopt himself to the BEST OF ALL RELIGIONS- a sort of UNIVERSAL RELIGION. Individual choice should not be obstructed by any Priest, Mulla or Bishop of any denomination. There should be true, free,well-chosen, informed religious freedom.

Today, all wars all over the world are RELIGIOUS WARS, between the persons practicing the world’s 2 great religions. This happens because of NON-TOLERANCE and non-appreciation of each other’s religion and a constant itch to interfere in other’s religions. We cannot shut our eyes to this FACT. It is true that mostly, religious fundamentalists only involve themselves in such activities. But, disturbing fact is, because of non-secular, religious education, the number of such fundamentalists is growing.

INDIA can show the way for true religious freedom and inter-religious tolerance. Let the Best of all religions be there in the curriculum – and let people choose whatever principle they like – not necessarily whatever religion they like.

For example, USA frequently calls the DALI LAMA and listens to his wonderful lectures on Buddhism – but these are applicable to the whole of mankind. Many Hindu Gurus attract just as much attention in the UPA and people there are beginning to understand Indian ethos mow much better. Why can’t Indian Universities also - periodically call eminent well informed religious leaders also – for lectures – as USA is doing?

That should be the Goal of Secular Education – not the present lifeless, goalless, so called secular education.

Readers' views on this important topic are MOST WELCOME

= Yours







IMRAN KHAN  has countless admirers on both sides of  the Indo-Pak Border. Today, I saw him on an Indian TV Channel answering wide ranging questions from many well-informed VIPs on the Indian side, with consummate ease, friendliness, and foresight.

I wish, all Pakistanis also see this interview and approve of his views wholeheartedly – and support him and all Pakistani Politicians of his Genre.

It is quite possible that individually, each of us may have some small differences with the views of Imran Khan. But, I feel, most of the viewers in India,  largely agree with his views – which are wonderfully liberal, pleasingly honest and highly optimistic.

Jo khwab aap dekh sakthe hai, voh paa sakthe  hai – said he at the end of the Interview. And, the”Khwab” he has and he showed all attendees at the Interview was of a grand, friendly neighbors, and smooth solutions to all major irritants between the two.

Many questions were well answered by Imran Khan spontaneously and without reservation or hesitation – which is why he is so much liked in India. These answers found immediate acceptance and approval in the hearts of the viewers. 

I am sure, we, in India, also share the same khwab. Indians have absolutely no enmity with the general public of Pakistan and want a friendly Pakistan as it neighbor.

One or two questions remain – in the minds of India and Indians – because of the potential damage that have always done to Indo-Pak relations – and to Pakistan itself in the long run.

(i)                        India is certainly suspicious of the so called NON-STATE ACTORS, who view a very peaceful India  as its enemy No.1 and try time and again to launch terrorist operations on India from Pakistan – which the Pakistan state actors also try to  shield and protect and thereby support the inflicting of  terrorism on India.

Pakistani Public must be made totally aware of these activities and the state must get the Guts to tackle them. They are the biggest thorn in Indo-Pak Relations.

(ii)                    Where from does either Love or Hatred take root in us? It takes root in us when we are children or Youth and are at school or College. If Education tells Children / Youth that Hindus are their enemies, idol-worshippers must be be-headed, Hindu Idols (and temples) should be broken and so on -  and if sections of people believe that and indulge in such actions – terrorists are bound to spring up from such Brain-washed children and Youth.  Education must teach peace and love – and of course bravery to tackle injustice. This is one area which will constantly pose problems for Pakistan itself – and for its neighbors.

(iii)                 On Military, ISI, Nuclear weapons and Kashmir Problem – Imran Khan has given India the best Possible Hope from Pakistan side. If these hopes come true –  Imran will be the BEST THING that ever happened in Indo-Pak relations, Indo-Pak prosperity and mutual friendship.

We wish Imran Khan all success in bringing his Khwab into a GRAND SUCCESS. We wish Pakistani Public all peace and prosperity.




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REFORMING EDUCATION SYSTEM - PART-3 - Teach cooking - Health promoting sports - creative thinking - Most important- Abolish CASTE from the mind of ALL STUDENTS




Reforming Education System is the most urgent and important need in India today.

In 2 parts earlier, we examined -

(1)What Great people think of Education system,and, 

(2) The Need to build Character through Education system.

In this third Part, we will examine in brief, the need to build contemporary Life skills into the Education system.

The Education System that we have built up in India - is perhaps the most LIFELESS, PURPOSELESS Education system that ever existed in this country.

Many people think, that this scholastic, generalist Education, with no focus on life - was introduced by the British, when they ruled India - to manufacture clerks and interlocutors whom they needed, to govern India.

And, the same system continues till this day, with minor modifications.

It doesn't teach a single Life skill. At the end of 12 years of grueling education, students find that they know almost nothing - on how they can earn their living or live a purposeful life.

Our Education system doesn't teach anything worthwhile about contemporary India, its problems, possible solutions, its immediate neighbors  its relations with them and such other important contemporary history, geography and contemporary problems.

It does not make an iota of endeavor to promote Nationalism, patriotism, love of all people in the nation, irrespective of religion, region, caste, creed, state and so on.

Most students don't even know -

(i) the districts in their state and their capitals. 
(ii) the states and their capitals. 
(iii) their fundamental rights and responsibilities.
(iv) how parliament and legislatures must function ( not how they are actually functioning)
(v) their rights and responsibilities vis a vis the other people traveling on Roads by their side , living in their neighboring houses and such other basic, common sense concepts.
(vi) how a Post office, a Bank, a Taluk office, a collector's office or a magistrate court functions - and what services they render to people.

But, students know who ruled India 1000 years before and how. And this history is HIGHLY SUBJECTIVE and inaccurate. What one or two men thought - has become history in most cases - much against what most Indians knew as their ancient history.

India has certain heritage problems - like the CASTE SYSTEM. We all think that this system is not the best thing to retain today. We know that.

The caste system could have vanished very easily and all people could have been made to feel the oneness of India very easily - through the medium of the Education system. 

This could have been accomplished DECADES AGO.

Instead, India is perpetuating the caste system through reservations and many other caste-preserving legislations. 

The CASTE SYSTEM  had some real use in ancient days. Likewise. the Reservation system now does give some benefits to some deserving people.

But, overall, if CASTE system could be made to disappear from our minds, while taking care of ALL THE POOR, the Nation could have reaped much larger, more significant long term benefits by now.

Its small benefits apart - the caste and caste based reservation systems have divided India and Indian psyche very badly. The benefits they have given are minuscule  compared to what could be obtained by abolishing the CASTE SYSTEM smoothly through the Education system and implementing a poverty based Reservation system.

Telling some people that they are inherently inferior or superior compared to some others  is the most unscientific brainwashing that went on in the name of caste system in the past; and THE VERY SAME BRAIN WASHING is now going on in the name of RESERVATION SYSTEM. It is dividing people into two warring camps wholly unnecessarily; 

No doubt, India has great heritage and that great part of the heritage needs to be preserved. That could be done very well by all combined - rather than all divided. 

The Vedas and Upanishads are great. I do not have an iota of doubt about that. Many other Indian ethos and systems are very great. But, their preservation works well, if all minds unite, and all feel equally participative.

This is one Benefit of Education, which India is missing out - for too long,  wholly unnecessarily. Our Education must introduce this concept of National Integration - TODAY. It was needed 66 years ago. It is late now - but at least now, we must wake up to this need.

Second,  basic life skills are not taught in our Education, but they are a MUST. 

Like cooking skills. It is horrifying that neither Boys nor Girls either know or have interest in this, most simple, basic, important life need of COOKING. Do we know that many divorces today hinge on who should cook at home? Many mother in law - Daughter in law hate-fight-alienation is precisely due to this lack of interest of the D-in-law in cooking? Many National problems will vanish if both Boys and Girls know cooking well.

If only Boys and Girls are both taught cooking skills at school and their interests are kindled in this life-skill, many, many household problems will vanish very easily and life of all in the homes will improve a lot.

Not only that, cooking is a science. it must be treated as such; and it must be vastly improved in India. Our Education system must invest in R&D of this cooking science. As human beings, we do not live for food alone; but we can't live without food. It is one of the great pleasures and needs of life.

Right now, cooking that happens in most homes is thoroughly unscientific, unhealthy and not also tasty. People who cook and serve - do not know the art and science of it. Even serving must and can be done with pleasure and not as a hateful part of life.

All this must become an integral  part of the Education system. There must be half a day cooking class in each fortnight of the school study - at school.

Sports and Games must be an essential, INTEGRAL part of the education. Every day-one hour must be devoted to physical education, meaning sports and Games. Today, most Indians are addicted to games like cricket - that too, not playing, but watching. This should change. We must have body building, skill building, strength building sports and games.  Indians, boys and girls both, must understand the need to be healthy and strong. Sports also must promote Unity.  These must be played - scientifically - and AT SCHOOL, in school time. 

How many of the readers know that, over 50 years ago, when we were at school, our sports abilities were tested like in an examination, marks are awarded and these find place in our marks certificate Books - for each class from 8th onwards - and given to us when we pass out from school. That was not sufficient. But, we have now abolished even that system now totally. It is really sad that our contemporary education has no focus on the essentials of the Education system.

All study and no Play makes Jack a Dull Boy. This is the ancient proverbial wisdom - but not learnt and practiced in Indian education system in the last 2 - 3 decades. 

In India, health is taking huge beating. Students especially are getting into a mess as far as health is concerned. Drinks, drugs, a bad life style with addiction to TV, computer etc is  ruling their lives. Cricket especially is making them lazy watchers of the sport - rather than making them players. We need sports like foot ball, volley ball, tennis, weight lifting, pull-ups, gymnastics, and Yoga - all of which enhance the students' physical and mental health. I am not against cricket - but I am against India as a whole, wasting time, merely as watchers of cricket. We don't see any other nation, wasting so much time in merely WATCHING CRICKET. This should change.

Food and health apart, the next most important thing to be introduced in our curriculum is - lateral, creative and objective thinking techniques. A thinking student can learn, retain and use every thing in life much better. A thinking student will move faster towards wisdom - rather than a student who merely memorizes answers to standard questions, repeats them in examinations and secures marks. Our Education system, and more especially, our examination system, must move on to testing the thinking abilities of students rather than their memorizing abilities only. Both are needed - but thinking abilities are more important of the two. 

In examinations, every question is a memory related question and not a thinking related question. All questions - or at least  75% of them - must be thinking related questions. This must change immediately.

The unfortunate paradox today is - many students get depressed if they don't get a few marks more, and some even commit suicide. This tragic stupidity has to be attributed to the shallow education that does not teach thinking skills and values of life.

There are many common life skills that students need. Basic fixing of electrical and electronic gadgets need not wait for Post school specialist trainings. Planting of trees and taking care of them also need not wait. In fact, many such skills are never taught now at school.

Every home has a TV, computer, Telephone, mobile etc today. Why not teach the use of their Basic parts - at school. We find, Engineering Graduates not knowing how to fix simple things in any of these. We all need these basic skills useful in every day life.

I have mentioned a few, most important of such skills. there are many others like this - either equally important or more important than these.

We will see them in another part.

I request readers to discuss, debate and ensure that - together, we reform our education system quickly. I seek all of your views.



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(Post.2 dt 25-Oct-2012)

We have already analyzed this All Important Topic once at the URL :

We have seen in that article -  what Great Persons think of Education and its various facets.

It is an undeniable fact that  - almost all of our social ills emanate from BAD EDUCATION. In this second article on the Topic, I would like to emphasize only one IMPORTANT ASPECT of education.

Education must build Character.

If it does not – then, it is not Education at all. Unfortunately, today’s education is not  building the character to the requisite levels – in our children and Youth. The results of this weakness are there for all of us  to see.

When we read any News Paper, or listen to any media comment – we feel disgusted about the state of affairs, in our Nation. Murder, Rape, terrorism, vandalism, deep seated corruption, open defiance of all laws, law working for different Individuals differently – just about everything that is UNLAWFUL  and UNETHICAL  happens every day in our Great Country.

CHARACTER – implies ETHICAL standards.

One must adhere to Truth. Truthful living must be the Norm and must be encouraged at all levels – especially among students, in whom the character must take roots. Can there be any two Opinions about this?

Buddha and Gandhi are the most recent National Heroes of India who advocated Truth and Non-violence. These are not religious principles. They are pure, social, living principles. If a Society must exist and prosper, its members must adhere to Truth and non-violence.

Living on Honest Earning is a corollary of the first principle.

All Corruption arises out of DISHONEST LIVING and out of the temptation for DISHONEST EARNING. If the Highest to the lowest in the society are tempted to earn money, power, position and even education – by DISHONEST MEANS , clearly the Education system has sunk into a deep abyss.

Even, for earning a Ph.D., many vouch that in India, one has to go through non-meritorious, dishonest, subservient approaches – and that a Ph.D., by itself in India does not imply any Great Talent or focus on the subject. At that level, one should approach the whole effort – both the student and the Guide – in a very sacred, deeply dedicated manner. But, by all accounts, that is not the experience of many who pursue the Ph.D.

Medical Education is more Sacred than any other Branch of Education.

At least this was the opinion till a few decades ago. But, today, even the most non-meritorious student can become a Doctor – either by Money Power & Donations, or, through the caste based Reservation Route. In either of these routes, a certain minimum qualifying marks is a MUST, say, something like 70 percent , else, the existing system is putting the lives of many, many innocent Patients into the hands of Doctors who do not know their job adequately. And, that totally violates the RIGHT TO LIFE  principle in respect of the Patients.

Who can inculcate CHARACTER in to the students in a school? Who else- other than the Teacher?

Teachers must be selected for their  Devotion to the task of Teaching, for their love of the subject, for their unbiased love of their students – and more importantly, their innate CHARACTER.

One BAD TEACHER will churn out thousands of BAD STUDENTS and BAD CITIZENS into the country  during his career – and this is happening in many places.

Selection of Teachers must be done with Great Care – not just by marks or Caste/Religion  – but chiefly by their INNATE CHARACTER, and their character-building skills.

And, Teachers must be respected well – by the entire society.

Anybody and everybody should not be questioning the Teachers. A Teacher must be guided by another BETTER TEACHER  only – not by an Administrator – which is a foolish precedence in India.

CHARACTER – implies UNITY of people.

If today, we stand divided on religious, caste, language, racial and so many other factors – the chief reason is CHARACTERLESS EDUCATION. Education must teach UNITY, which means love for all Indians, irrespective of all the above factors.

Teach the children UNITY; and in one generation of 20 years, India will emerge as the strongest, most cohesive, most peaceful LIVING PLACE on earth. Otherwise, India will be sinking from scam into another more stinking scam – and the stink will be all over the world. Are we at all thinking, what the current level of corruption and scams is making the rest of the world feel about us?

Many of them may be feeling that there are so many of us, willing to sell India for a pittance! For our small selfish ends, many of us may be willing to sell the country’s Interests. It is not a question of HOW MANY OF US are like that – it is just that a foreign nation can find any number of such people among our midst. This feeling can take deeper roots, if the current level of corruption is not tackled headlong.


Character implies strong Nationalism.

If people are not taught Nationalism, it is the Biggest tragedy of our education system. We have the best of National Heroes in our Freedom struggle. Utterly unselfish, completely Patriotic, completely Truthful, and what more do we want? Are we promoting our National Heroes?

CASTE DIVISION is  said to be our National shame.

OK. Even if this was originally good in some long, long past, if it is BAD today, we can and we must get rid of it by teaching so in our EDUCATION SYSTEM.

I know that Lord Rama, Lord Krishna, Adi Sankaracharya, Ramanujacharya, Gandhi – all preached love for all human beings. Adi Sankaracharya  has specifically said that he was himself severely chided by Lord Siva himself for showing a bit of  untouchability practice. All of Rama’s disciples like Guha, Sabari, the Great monkeys, the bears, the Birds, the Rakshasas – come from extraordinarily diverse backgrounds – and Rama loved them all equally. Krishna loved, Vidura, Sanjaya, Kubja more than the Great Kourava kings. He grew up as a Yadava and married in all possible castes. The whole of Mahabharat is full of INTERCASTE MARRIAGES. Yes. CASTE was there.

But, for an example, a BRAHMANA was defined as one who sees all people in himself and sees himself in all people. He must treat all people equally – else he is not a Brahmana. This was the way, Caste remained in ancient days.

But, like any other system, this system also degenerated. Today, we can either change it or DUMP IT totally and replace it with a healthier, equitable system – which is possible through our Education System. We are not doing it. We are doing the opposite. We are perpetrating the same caste system – in a different mould.

CHARACTER must teach self confidence.

Everyone is born with some Unique abilities. No one is inferior. No one must be told that he is INFERIOR. But, our people, especially the Politicians,  say so again and again – merely to create distrust, enmity, different complexes  and divisions in our society today.

We can remove many of our social ills through a strong CHARACTER BASED EDUCATION. But, we are drifting. We are drifting into a bottomless abyss – by not reforming our Education.

The longer we take to introduce an Education which builds character, the greater is the peril for India from its own inside and outside.

*  *  *  E  N  D  *  *  *

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Many things have happened under the banner of INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION. 

Most of them are Good; but, some are not. That is the way life works for any Organization.
Name & Shame, as IAC called it initially was not GOOD at all. It was not backed up by any reasonable evidence – at that point of time. Name and Shame was just that – Name and Shame. Anyone can do that against anybody else in the world at any time. 

Subsequent exposes in the case of Sri Robert Vadra and Shri Salman Kurshid were reasonably supported by  EVIDENCES. That shook the Nation and enhanced the credibility of IAC in the eyes of the public. These EXPOSES are clearly, materially, ethically different from NAME & SHAME which had no responsibility for the shame  hurled at others without evidence.

Subsequent expose of BJP President, Nitin Gadkari seemed again to be empty words of Name and Shame. Even now, it seems to be so. Simply because, he is RICH, and because he happens to be the President of the No.1.Opposition Party in India, IAC should not presume that he is also, ipso facto,  as corrupt as the Politicians of the Party in Power. The  exposes in case of the BJP President not only did not establish any CORRUPTION as such, but, seemed to suggest that the BJP PRESIDENT was actually doing a GREAT PHILANTHROPIC JOB out there. And, the philanthropic, or at least social service job, is not denied by any one so far. The purpose of all that he is doing there, or a trust on his behalf is doing there, seems to be to bring up the farmers’ lot. Mr. Sharad Pawar also said so. No one in Congress denied this. Pawar’s saying this, by itself, should not be seen as establishing NEXUS between the two Politicians. If there really is such NEXUS, IAC should not merely cast such aspersions but back them up by SOLID EVIDENCES as in the case of Vadra and Kurshid.

On the other hand, the so called EXPOSER on behalf of IAC seemed to have some axe to grind or even a hidden Agenda.

Therefore, IAC’s record has unnecessarily become mixed. Even now, IAC members are trying to cast such EVIDENCE-LESS ASPERSIONS on this Opposition leader. They must clearly understand that it is pointless and meaningless. THEIR SAYING SO – does not make any X or Y corrupt. Nation needs evidence – not just rumour-mongering. 

If rumours are to be taken as true, many things said of IAC members by some Political spokesmen also should be taken as true. But, that is not correct. Mere creation of rumours or spreading them is not sound, ethical Politics.

My strong suggestion is - IAC members must not indulge in such rumour mongering, which reduces their credibility severely. The Nation has High Hopes of IAC. Many like us feel that they will be different;  that they will stick to truth. They must come with evidence, and nation will give them all due respect – but, if IAC talks rumours without evidence – especially when the BJP leader has openly said that he is willing to face ANY INVESTIGATION, the nation will have to look at IAC’s words  too with a pinch of salt. 

Also, any wrong doings by others – other than Gadkari personally – should be ascribed to those OTHERS – not to Gadkari.

These are ethics, the principles that must not be violated – if IAC wants to be a POLITICAL PARTY  with a difference. Unprincipled rumour-mongering puts IAC also into the same lot as other Political Parties.

The problem with IAC is – that instead of gathering more and more support, it is frittering away the support.

If one wears coloured Glasses, the whole world looks coloured – not because the world is – but because of wearing of coloured Glasses. The world, especially, India, is of course steeped in Huge corruption, but, IAC must be able to distinguish the CORRUPT  into distinct segments.

1.    There are those who are corrupt to the core, and would corrupt anyone else in the world, to serve their selfish interests. If someone does not toe their line, they do not hesitate to eliminate them also. Look at the number of RTI activists, who were eliminated – which has negatived all the Good that is done by the RTI Act, and all the Good that it is capable of. Any Good Government or even the IAC need only to track these dangerous, Corrupt Criminals and scan their movements closely – and, without an iota of doubt, they will lead to their Political masters and bureaucratic friends, with all evidences. This has happened in the mining scam in the South, to a certain extent. Justice Hegde’s report hit exactly here. These are the first category of people to be scanned. IAC’s scanner must be turned towards them on Priority.

2.    The second category are equally corrupt – but, they are only corrupt. They do not indulge in other crimes like murder, rape etc, to threaten their opponents. If they get exposed, or, fear exposure, they will reform. 

3.    The third category are corrupt, because, there is no other way, in their respective surroundings. When many around you are Corrupt, you will have to follow them – just to avoid, getting into unnecessary problems. I have seen people being punished for silly things – just for not being corrupt.

4.    Some people are NOT CORRUPT  themselves, but, have no patience or Guts, or means, to fight it. These are the people who can join Anna, or RamDev, or IAC. They must be given the Guts to face corruption squarely. There is no point in saying – if problem comes, you face it, else you join our efforts. If problem comes, members must be protected. If the FIGHTER is not PROTECTED, the FIGHT  will die out.

5.    Then, there are people who have all the Guts to oppose corruption – but, just lack support. The RTI activists who died, the Officers like Khemka -  are all of this category. There are many such people. But, organizations like Anna, IAC, Bharat Swabhiman must get them, make them act and protect them with all their might.

If IAC cannot distinguish people into such categories and looks at everyone with the same coloured Glasses, it would be a Gross Mistake.  Among Politicians also, all these categories are there. 

Simply because, IAC has exposed some ruling party politicians so far – should not mean that they must now expose an Opposition Party Politician of similar stature, even if they have no great evidence against him.

What Opposition parties and IAC could not do – one CAG has done so well – just as part of its duty. He is able to get the scent where the problem really lies. Ditto with SC. But for the honest and courageous actions of Supreme Court, many scams would never have seen the light of the day. That should percolate to the lowest level Judiciary.

Coming Back to IAC - there are INTERESTING QUESTIONS about what will happen to each of the EXPOSES of IAC. No doubt, media also supported IAC very well. But then, what will happen now? Will there be an Investigation? Who will do it and why will they?

The same old answer comes into mind. No Investigation may take place. If it does, it may be into limited, insignificant aspects of the exposes.

So, India needs a STRONG LOK PAL, who can act suo motu. We need him today. We needed him 65 years ago. But, at least now, we should have him very quickly. And, at state level, every state needs  Lok Ayuktha. This cannot be at the discretion of the states. No state CM or Assembly can be permitted to say – during my tenure, there shall not be a lok pal, in my state. Can we similarly allow a state CM or assembly, to have or not to have a High Court, or the State Accountant General (Under CAG) for their audit – at their discretion? That sort of discretion cannot be part of  FEDERAL STRUCTURE and RIGHTS OF STATES. The entire Nation must have an OMBUDSMAN for corruption monitoring – and this structure should be uniform like the Judicial structure and no State can be exempt from this. Definitely not in circumstances in which India is placed.

India must have a Strong Lok Pal and a strong Lok Ayuktha in each state – in all states without Exception – including J&K, Nagaland etc.  BJP, Congress and all National Parties must first take this principled stand. They will take this stand – provided Anna, Baba Ram Dev and IAC allow them, appeal to them, persuade them, force them and make them do it in the Parliament. Where else will the Bill be Passed?

IAC, Baba RamDev  and Anna must, on their part remain a little flexible. No insistence on JAN LOK PAL, no insistence on too many conditionalities, but insistence on Basics – just that much – is required from these crusaders.

We know that some UPA ministers are proved corrupt. Some more will be there in all states. But can we say, the whole Congress or all UPA Parties are corrupt? This sweeping charge is illogical and Bad. So is the assumption  with any Political Party.

So, IAC and other crusaders must support Anna’s crusade for LOK PAL BILL. Anna also must not cling to the words, JAN LOK PAL BILL, which implies, either it is my way or the High way. Anna and other crusaders can call it a strong LOK PAL BILL. 

There is another INTERESTING ASPECT in this crusade against Corruption. IAC, ANNA and Swami Ram Dev cannot come together and fight – even for the simple purpose of ENFORCING A LOK PAL BILL !! On this one Agenda, they must sink their differences, come together, stop quarreling with Politicians and MPs – but make them all vote for a STRONG LOK PAL BILL. If they all can’t join together for even this admittedly noble cause – how do they expect Politicians to come together for this Purpose?

The Strong Lok Pal must have strong support of CBI (Corruption wing), which must be answerable only to the Lok Pal. Without this, there is no way, it can be strong. Lok Pal must have direct jurisdiction over Gr.A and Gr.G officers and all PSUs officers of similar rank.

Rest of the people can be under INDEPENDENT ANTI-CORRUPTION WINGS  of the respective organizations – and they all must come under CVC, who will report to Lok Pal. 

A similar structure can be evolved for states as well. The Bill with such logical, practical structure must be got passed in Parliament, with MAJORITY SUPPORT. This must be the TOP PRIORITY CONCERN  for Anna, Baba Ram Dev and IAC. 

All exposes thereafter will make sense. Not before.

Lok Pal must of course by selected by a collegium consisting of Supreme Court judges, a Ruling party nominee, a Principal opposition party nominee – and he must preferably a person with Judicial Background. He must be answerable to Supreme court and to a certain extent to the Parliament. He must also lay before Parliament, an annual or Half-yearly report – like CAG.

Parliament must have no say, in respect of investigations and actions initiated – as these will be governed by civil and criminal law. 

If some GIVE & TAKE exists – and if some Unity exists among Crusaders - things will move in Parliament too. Dr. Man Mohan Singh is still the right man to move the LOK PAL BILL and get it passed in Parliament – and Anna, Ram Devji and IAC must appeal to him and to the Opposition Parties to get this momentous task done under their leadership.BJP was and perhaps is still willing to back all major points of Team Anna.

But, if the present NAME & SHAME  continues like a Game of one-upmanship, India will be a loser in the long run. Six months down the lane, no one will remember the exposes against Robert Vadra or Salman Kurshid. 

That is how, India works.

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