Monday, September 30, 2013

NEWS – GOOD, BAD & SAD - DT 01- OCT-2013 -


There are always a few news that are heartening and invigorating. There are also always a lot of news which are depressing and demoralizing. Some news are – just not worth reading. Here are the Good, Bad and the Sad

1.    GOOD : 91, AND CARING FOR 90 CHILDREN :- This news features a lady, Lakshmi, aged 91, who is the source of hope and caring for 90 homeless children. She is doing what Governments must be doing. I think, the State Government can help her out with the Land problem so that she can do more for the society. May she live for (how long?) 100, or, 120, -as long as she wishes! My best wishes to her. This state Government has started many marvelous welfare schemes by itself. I think, it can also do small bits of help to such service minded citizens – who can do wonders in the lives of many destitute children, elderly persons, disabled persons etc.

2.    BAD : Eight  college students were held by Police for damaging the windshield of an MTC Bus, when the conductor asked them not to travel on foot Board. This is at Chennai. A few city college students are always in the news, for all sorts of bad, anti-social reasons. Will the college managements never Act against these delinquent students, who are spoiling the Names of their colleges and the student community in general. Some of them are indulging in dangerous violence with knives etc in public  – as was reported some times in news. Specifically, these students  always create ruckus and eve-teasing in Buses and other Public places. Their number is few – but they certainly give bad name to their entire college. If the managements do not act against them, Parents should in future avoid sending their children to such colleges. That is the only way – to make the managements act against these unruly students. Likewise, police must act against the students creating ruckus in Buses. Bad Behaviour, once tolerated, will be repeated. That is what is happening.

3.    Bad : Mosquitoes and Bugs are plaguing the AC railway coaches – says a report. I had personally experienced hundreds of small cockroaches under my own berth in the AC 3 tier compartment in a train bound for Coimbatore (from Chennai) at least twice. Southern railway must act against this menace quickly. I am sure, Many others would have experienced these problems especially in AC coaches. Effective pesticides must be used in these compartments regularly.

4.    GOOD OR BAD? :-Tamilnadu has more than 2000 child care institutes, the largest in the country. There would be many more, if the residential care services are taken into account . But, the question is, why are there so many children still living in such homes, asks, Nina.P.Nayak, member, National Commission for protection of Child Rights.

Is the proliferation of destitute children’s homes good or bad? It is good. But, what is bad, is the proliferation of destitute children! Why this? The answer also is in daily news. So many illicit affairs, so many extra marital affairs, people not wanting Girl children, People not wanting a child (girl or boy) all these are there in the News. A prospective mother-in-law runs away with a prospective son-in-law, both of them leaving their families! This also is some sort of love!! Dead children are found in all sorts of places. Many are probably not found. This shows the degeneration of values in the society. Probably, Half of the males are now drunkards. There is no shop which has more visitors on any day than the Drinks shops like TASMAC. How do you expect drunkards to be taking care of families? The day may not be far off in India when some state government may open shops for drugs also for drug addicts – citing the same justification as for Drinks shops. Until concerted efforts are made by Governments and Citizens together to wean away all the Drink Addicts from their Habit, I don’t think destitute children’s number will come down. Right now, children in Destitute Homes are probably better and are assured of some decent living – compared to children living under the protection of the drunkards.

5.    Tamilnadu State Government reduces Power Cuts : The CM is living up to her promise. I do hope, within another year, the state will be free of Power cuts.

6.    1 lakh Mumbaikars chant  ‘Namo’Mantra :Narendra Modi addressed a Huge gathering at Mumbai. I am a Modi fan myself. If there is one really secular National level leader in the national Parties – it is Modi. His is the best in ‘inclusive’ governance and Politics. On the other hand, congress always commits the same Mistake – of wooing Minorities, that too only Muslims, and thus segregates them from the national Mainstream. Look at Shinde’s letter. Only Muslim Youth are to be accorded special treatment in Investigations – not Christian youth, not Buddhist youth, not Sikh youth. None else. Definitely not the Hindu Youth. I don’t think, every time, Rahul Gandhi can come on stage and call such things NON SENSE. I do like Rahul for calling the NONSENSE ORDNANCE  as  NONSENSE.  He has grown several notches taller in my opinion for his no-nonsense tough, frank, open -heart charge against the ordnance. It deserved the epithet. If not for Rahul, Lalu would still be going to parliament instead of to jail.

7.    GOOD : MAHARASHTRA to Name and shame those who abandon their parents. Wards should look after elderly parents. But many don’t. I suggest to the MH Government that the names of SONS as also DAUGHTERS-IN-LAW be published. It should be the Joint responsibility of the son and D-i-law to take care of the elderly in the family. Many elders today prefer to live separately or in Old age homes because, they do not expect the sons and d-I-laws to take care of them. 

8.    SAD : One is oneself responsible for one’s Happiness and suffering and the way to one’s happiness lies within oneself. One can become really happy  and autonomous by treading this path” This is the Vipassana Bhavana taught by Buddha. Sri Satya Naranayanji Goenka  has been spreading this Vipassana Meditation through 170 Vipassana centres in over 94 countries. The Ad tells us that he died on 29th,Sep,2013. Anyone who spread the Message of Buddha and especially the Vipassana Bhavana – is truly a real servant of the world. May his Noble soul rest in peace.

9.     Good : LOWER INCOME GROUP STUDENTS MATCH NUMBERS FROM WELL-OFF FAMILIES IN IITs :-Stunning is the JUMP of students with family income less than Rs.1 lakh from just 1.5% two years ago to 11.6%. Another 12.7% IITians this year is from the Rs.1-2 laKhs family income bracket. So, encourage your children. He or she can become an IITian, an Abdul Kalaam, or anything they wish. Just avoid your drinking habit. And take care of your Child. That is all your child needs to succeed. Not the props of reservations etc. Your Child is as Intelligent as any.

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