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Are a few SMSs enough to scare away thousands of people to flee their places of stay in their own countries – to their birth state in same country?

Silly. They must ideally be reporting these SMSs instantly to the Police for investigating who is sending them. But, do we all today have the confidence in our Police System – to act on them swiftly, to locate the real culprits and to take prompt action on them? Do we?

Is this system working in other cases – like say, in the Haryana suicide case? Or the Assam Rape case? Or in countless other murder/ rape cases? Media may present a few of them for some time. Then, they also forget, We also forget.

This is the problem in India today. We all need a system, on which we have TOTAL TRUST. We all need a system, which will definitely act on Public intimation –  which, all Public must be able to trust totally – to act swiftly and also not to harass the informing public endlessly for the mere act of giving of such information. Judicial courts also must not call them often and on – at odd times to odd places and countless times – but must treat them with minimum discomfort.

People will come forward happily to face such a friendly organization – instead of hiding from them. If we don’t have such a friendly organization – Public will always be scared to give such Info – even if their life is at stake or even if the national security is at stake. We can carve out such a totally trustworthy, non-corruptible, honest, courageous, humane, nationalistic FORCE – even from the existing Police force or create a new one. The other day, I watched a New commando force formed by the Kerala Government – and it was impressive. We need such exclusive forces – and they must be given exclusive jurisdiction on such important cases.

In the absence of such totally trustable organization - this sort of scare and ensnare –as happened in the case of NE people will continue to happen. Anyone can attack a defenseless person, any time. Anyone can attack a person who FEELS defenseless (even if law is on his side). The attack need not be Physical. This is a sort of psychological bullying. And evidently, it worked.

The latest we hear on this NE scare is – that our Great friendly western Neighbor is likely to be involved. Some TV channels are presently giving such Info. The real facts will come a little late – as always. The scare was not just at Bangalore, as initially thought. It was much more wide spread. And, it was targeted at NE people. This huge rumour-mongering could be the Handiwork of our Great Neighbour – as always.

How long will India seek friendly ties with this great Neighbour? I don’t know. Very recently, news was there of an underground Tunnel across the Border. Obviously, it could be used in peace time – and also in  WAR TIME ( if and when it may happen).

Always, India Baiting and India-harassing – that seems to be the only pastime for a large number of persons with fundamentalist mindset across the Border. Even the Moderate Muslims in Pakistan are tired of these fundamentalists – but are not able to stop them at all.
Be that as it may – if we have chinks in our Armour, others will exploit them. And, Many of our Politicians of all Hues, seem hell-bent on keeping our chinks wide open always. They will never ever allow us to Unite, even when the country is submerging under the Sea. They divide us on caste, religion, region, language, race, sex, state, colour – and all other Possible excuses – but cannot find a single ground to UNITE US under a single banner, at any time. No doubt, we do have honest Politicians too – but – they are too meek and play into the hands of the unscrupulous ones.

They are also not as clear headed as Mahatma Gandhi or Jawahar Lal Nehru. Just mention to me or to yourself the Name of One single Politician of TODAY who has toured entire India like Gandhiji did even in those days of few travel facilities ! How can Nationalism come – if no leader even visits all states and all districts in the Nation and stays there for at least a few Days?

We need  National leaders (in all Parties) who treat all states as their own, who treat all people as their own, and who see poverty and injustice to all with equal consideration – and strive for the welfare of all, at all times.

Such a leader will create institutions which people can trust. Such a leader will himself be such an Institution, whom all can trust. Such a leader will be a great uniting Force.

A call from such a leader will arouse the entire Nation against any foreign forces, and will expose any one on this side siding surreptitiously with such foreign forces. We need at least one such leader in each Political Party.

The scare created by the foreign forces through their SMSs, either by themselves, or using some on our side too – must be tackled with utmost vigour. This is our FIRST, IMMEDIATE IMPERATIVE. This may be a Problem – but, this is also an OPPORTUNITY to reaffirm our Nationalistic spirit and Unity all of us from Kashmir to kanyakumari and Gujarat to Arunachal with one echoing voice.

India must face all such stupid acts of our external villains with full force and show the world how United we are.

This moment in India’s History calls for a show of Great Unity of all of us. This problem –presents before us a Great opportunity too. Do we use it or fritter away in needless Politics needs to be watched.

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Tuesday, August 14, 2012



We, the citizens of India, are celebrating 65 Years of India’s Independence today, the 15th of August, 2012.

We renew unto ourselves our freedom of expression and all other fundamental rights, and pledge to discharge our sacred responsibilities as India’s citizens with utmost consciousness.

We pledge to come together with all other Indians, irrespective of caste, creed, race, Religion, sex, state and all other man-made boundaries, and stay united in achieving a united, prosperous, happy nation.

We Pledge to root out all hatred, bias and favoritism from this sacred land of ours and usher in an era of love, friendship and equal opportunity for all.

We pledge to usher in an era of Excellence – in every field of human Endeavour – banishing all mediocrity from human mind.

We pledge to usher in an era of health, strength and mutual help within India and extend the same to the rest of the world.

We acknowledge that true freedom lies in freeing the mind, body and soul of every individual on this land from all shackles of fear and instilling in each of us hope, courage and motivation for achievement.

We shall face all sorts of attacks on our freedom with wisdom and courage and show the attackers their flaws and mend them  back into  true sense of collective freedom.

May this year be memorable for every  one of us - to undertake and achieve all this - individually and collectively with All other Indians.

=Yours Truly


Sunday, August 12, 2012





Congrats to All those INDIAN winners at the London Olympics; Congrats to all those who came so tantalizingly close to winning a Olympic Medal; and finally, Congrats also to those who competed in the Olympics from India with the true Olympic spirit.

At the moment, the following is India’s FINAL TALLY at the London Olympics. India stands at the 55th spot in the List of Nations with Medals. Of course, we have considerably bettered all of our earlier Olympic records – none of which can however be considered any thing great.

Sport            Gold   Silver  Bronze          Total 
Badminton    0        0        1                  1       
Boxing          0        0        1                  1       
Shooting      0        1        1                  2       
Wrestling      0        1        1                  2
0        2        4                  6       

And, who are our winners? From the INFORMATION, I could assemble, – the details of the winners are as below :-

1.    SAINA NEHWAL – from Hyderabad (AP) ; born on 17/ 03/ 1990, aged 22 (Female); has won the BRONZE MEDAL in Badminton Women’s singles. She has competed already in many international events with many successes; Her coach is Pullela Gopichand. Her Parents are stated to be state Badminton champions earlier in Haryana. She has already received many sporting awards like Arjuna award, Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna Award and -  Padmasri

2.    CHUNGNEIJANG MERY KOM HMANGTE (Nick Name : Mary Kom); From CHURACHANDPUR  (in Manipur) ;Born on 01/03/1982; aged 29 (Female) – She has won the BRONZE MEDAL in Boxing Women’s Fly (51 kg) - Has twin sons; Athlete, Police Officer, educated at Manipur University, speaks Hindi and English. Her coach is Anoop Kumar from 2000. It is said, she originally trained in Athletics, competing in the 400 m sprint and Javelin.

3.    GAGAN NARANG : From Madras India; Born on 06/05/1983 – age 29; - Has won BRONZE MEDAL in Men’s 10m Air Rifle shooting; He serves in the Army; speaks Hindi and English; His coach is Sunny Thomas, His most memorable achievement is winning 4 Golds in rifle events at the 2010 Common wealth Games in India (Delhi). Awarded Padmasri in 2011 and Rajiv Gandhi Khel Ratna award. He has participated in Beijing 2008 and Athens 2004 Olympics.

4.    VIJAY KUMAR : From Harsour India ;Born on 19/08/1985 ; aged 26 (Male) ; Has won the SILVER MEDAL in Shooting Men’s 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Men’s 10m Air Pistol; Serves in the Army. Speaks Hindi and English. Coach – Smirnov Pavel and Sunny Thomas.

5.    SUSHIL KUMAR : Born on 26/05/1983 – delhi ), aged 29, has won SILVER MEDAL in Wrestling; 66 KG Free style; It is said – he works in the Railways and speaks Hindi. He has trained under  Yashvir Singh

6.    YOGESHWAR DUTT : From Delhi; Born on 02/11/1982 ; aged 29; Has won the BRONZE MEDAL in wrestling; Men’s 60 KG Freestyle. works as Police Officer; speaks Hindi and English.

I have watched the WINNING PERFORMANCES of all these winners on TV. Each of them is Fascinating. Each of them displayed the capability of winning over their winner opponents.
There were a Few other Medal Hopefuls too. Like in Archery. Like in Boxing and wrestling.

Of course, the debacle in Hockey is perhaps the worst Indian Performance.

Most of our winners have come from very Humble Back Grounds. Wikipedia gives these details :

Sushil Kumarbelongs to Jat family; comes from the village Baprola in South West Delhi. His father Diwan Singh was a DTC bus driver and mother Kamla Devi a housewife.  His parents other family members are said to be his biggest support and encouragement in his wrestling practices.

Mary Kom :  is a five-time World Boxing champion, and the only woman boxer to have won a medal in each one of the six world championships.She is the only Indian woman boxer to have qualified for the 2012 Summer Olympics, competing in the flyweight (51kg) category and winning the bronze medal. She has also been ranked as No. 4 AIBA World Women's Ranking Flyweight category. Mary was born in Kangathei, Manipur. Her parents, Mangte Tonpa Kom and Mangte Akham Kom, worked in jhum fields.

Yogeshwar Dutt - comes from Bhainswal village of Sonipat district, Haryana from a Brahmin family and his parents were teachers. He started wrestling from a very young age of 8 years. His inspiration was Balraj Pehlwan who was from his native village and he was trained under the guidance of coach Ramphal. Yogeshwar Dutt won the Gold Medal in the 2003 Commonwealth Wrestling Championship.

Vijay Kumar-  hails from Barsar village of Hamirpur district of Himachal Pradesh and is presently a serving subedar in the Dogra Regiment (16th Battalion) Indian Army. Vijay Kumar is currently supported by the Olympic Gold Quest initiative. He has been posted at Army Marksmanship Unit (AMU) Mhow since 2003 where he is being coached by the Russian Pavel Smirnov.

GAGAN NARANG - was born in Chennai; his ancestors belonged to Samalkha in Panipat district in Haryana. His grandfather then moved from Panipat to Hyderabad. His parents are Bhimsen Narang and Amarjit. Though Gagan Narang was born in Chennai, he was raised in Hyderabad. He touched the gun for the first time at his age of six for shooting down balloons at Chennai Marina Beach carnival. His prowess at shooting was well brought out at that age which he sharpened later.

SAINA NEHWAL - was born in a Jat family to Dr. Harvir Singh Nehwal and Usha Nehwal in the city of Hisar, Haryana and completed first few years of her schooling from Campus School. He later shifted to Hyderabad & so Saina spent her growing years in Hyderabad, India. Her foray into the world of badminton was influenced by her father Dr. Harvir Singh, a scientist at the Directorate of Oilseeds Research, Hyderabad and her mother Usha Nehwal, both of whom were former badminton champions in Haryana.

From the Details gathered as above -  It seems, Haryana contributed a major share of the Medals tally. Even before Olympics, it was known that Haryana Government was more active in promoting SPORTS. And people had taken to sports like wrestling with great Interest in Haryana. It is Possible and I do hope, Haryana Government plans for a thing like that,– that, in next Plympics, Haryana bags Gold, Silver and Bronze in many wrestling events. Other states must try to compete and beat Haryana and the rest of the world – in true Olympic spirit.

Second Point to note is – the humblest of the humble from India have proved that they can rise to OLYMPIC GOLD LEVEL.  This has been amply proved in this Olympics - by these medalists. Give them the encouragement. Do not divide them on caste and religion basis. Do not tell them – that you are unfit, you have no talent..and nonsensical stuff like that. Unite them. It is INDIA vs WORLD - in the Olympics. Minimise ALL POLITICS in sports.

Promote ALL OLYMPIC SPORTS.  Not one excluded. Every state must produce 10 champions minimum. That is what, US is doing. That is what, China is doing. This time, that is what Britain has done. Why can’t India? It needs, strong, conscious, special, consistent, continuous Planning and proper execution.

Our Emphasis on CRICKET must come down. This is my strong feeling. It produces crores of IDLE watchers – for 11 players. We are becoming a Diabetic, Hypertensive nation with all sorts of Life style diseases, even in those people who have no great Life style to boast. We must get rid of this lazy, sombre, illness producing life styles – and become active players of many sports and games – adopting the olympic theme of "Faster, Higher, Stronger".  I am a fan of cricket myself – but I feel, we must be playing a whole lot of things, in addition to Cricket – not just watching some one else play this Game all day long.

So, how do we go about Planning for Next Olympics? Here are my humble suggestions :

1.    Each state must adopt a minimum of 10 to 15  OLYMPIC SPORTS to excel in. All states of India together must cover at least 80 percent of all Olympic sports. This is what the Central SPORTS MINISTRY must co-ordinate and arrange.

2.    Every state must provide latest equipment to at least one Major school in each district – and reasonably GOOD EQUIPMENT to all Government schools on these sports. A javelin ,  shot put , foot ball, volley ball, badminton equipment etc costs very less. A good swimming pool in each district is essential. Gymnastics training must get introduced in each school. Such Ideas can be implemented very easily in all states.

3.    Every day, a one hour sports period is a must. 5 hours studies plus a one hour sports period must be compulsory. Reduce undue emphasis on Text Book study & Marks. Students must compulsorily Play whatever they like – and whatever they can. The OLYMPIC MOTTO  must be displayed in all CLASS ROOMS in India.

4.    Once in a month – High quality VIDEOS of the performances of the BEST SPORTS PERSONS OF INDIA and the world must be shown to all students for one or two hours.

5.    The Best sports persons in each district must automatically be employed as PHYSICAL EDUCATION teachers – after some training in training Methods. Each school must compulsorily have one or two such physical education teachers.

6.    Where Girl students are also in Good numbers – a Women Physical education Teacher must also be employed in the school.

7.    These must be COMPULSORY -  for both Private, aided and Government schools, including Minority institutions. No exclusions in this must be made for anybody.

8.    The state level champions must train well themselves and also serve as state level coaches. Let their sport be their Life Breath. Ditto, for National level champions.

9.    For our National Champions, let us also get the best international coaches for the time they feel they need them.

10. Every state must build International level Play grounds – for each of the sports chosen by them. There should be good Play grounds in each district. Each village panchayat and town panchayat must immediately set apart available Government Land Sufficiently for a SPORTS COMPLEX – for their village or town. These can then be developed progressively. If not done now – there will be no such land available later. LAND GRABBING is one of the worst diseases in India today.

11. I have listed 10 suggestions. I do hope these suggestions attract the attention of all sport lovers and the Governments of India and of all States. I do hope, they will receive it in the RIGHT SPIRIT. The current SPORTS MINISTER has displayed sufficient ENERGY and ENTHUSIASM  about sports in the past, and I do fervently hope, he will further strive to ensure India’s meteoric rise in all OLYMPIC SPORTS.

With  Congratulations to all WINNERS and Olympic Participants


Dt 13-Aug-2012.

PS : Any small errors in the details may kindly be excused and pointed out to me for correction.

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Wednesday, August 1, 2012



Let me start with a relevant Historical story on India’s fight against Corruption.

Several Centuries ago – a king called Krishna Devaraya ruled over Vijay Nagar Kingdom. One day, he was praising his people in presence of all his Ministers, Court Poets, courtiers and court-comedians.

At one point of time – his praise for his subjects became so ludicrous – that Rama Krishna, his court Poet cum comedian, started clapping, in part praise and part ridicule – one never knows which way he meant it.

The king was suspicious and looked at him and asked him straight – why Rama krishna, Do you agree with my opinion of my subjects or not?

Rama Krishna promptly replied, my Lord, there is no question of disagreeing with your opinion. I was only thinking, what can we do for our honest, generous subjects.

The king was now interested and asked Rama Krishna, what he wants to propose for the subjects. Rama Krishna said, let us hold a great Party for the subjects at the Capital city  of Vijaya Nagar. Let us serve them a grand dinner with sweets, savories and all delicious dishes. The King’s palace has everything needed for it - except the daily need of Milk. Let the subjects pour  a glass of Milk each - into a huge vessel – kept at the four road crossing in front of King’s palace. After that, the King’s cooks will prepare all dishes – and we shall have a Grand dinner.

The king and everyone else agreed with great enthusiasm to this proposal of Rama Krishna.  Next morning, all subjects of Vijaya Nagar, lined up to pour one glass of Milk each. Soon, the huge vessel was filled completely. The King was watching this from his Place. He, along with his Ministers and Rama Krishan came to the Vessel, climbed on top of the small table kept by its side and took a look inside the Vessel. The Vessel was no doubt FULL – but, of water. Not a drop of milk was there inside. The King was crest fallen and understood why Rama Krishna arranged the dinner. Thereafter, he stopped his praising escapades – and started governing more evenly and effectively.

Whether this is a fact or fiction, we do not know. It could be a slight exaggeration. But, no one India really doubts that such a thing could happen in India. This is the tragedy. How many of us are pouring only water, where milk is the need -  we all know. This is more so today.

There is obviously a BIT TOO MUCH  of corruption – all around us – and many of us are part of it – one way or the other.

Every day, every incident reported in News Papers and other Media is a sickening proof that ; that, many among us are prone to sell ourselves for even small things.

Corruption is the EFFECT -  of our innate Greed. Corruption is the EFFECT -  of our innate lack of concern for fellow Indians. Corruption is the EFFECT – of our absolute SHORT SIGHTEDNESS (Myopia). Corruption is the EFFECT -  of our willingness to sell away the country’s prestige – and our own character – for a few Rupees.

The percentage of people who are corrupt – or, corruption prone, is not easy to estimate and will therefore never be known. The numbers are Huge. Yes. They may still be in minority in India. Even so – their number is very huge.

Some of them are not just corrupt; they are avaricious, immoral, inhuman and could be cruel beyond imagination. The number of RTI Activists, honest officers and other protesters killed, injured or even JAILED under trumped-up charges (and trumped up witnesses) is disturbingly huge and scaring in India.

Some of the Corrupt are Corrupt to the very core. They are the Hard core of the corruption in India. But, some (let us say, of the second category) are induced into corruption by the former category – but may be willing to get out of it, if there is no pressure from the former category. The third category are corrupt – only by compulsion. The first 2 categories threaten them to be with them – or else – face consequences.

Yes. There is a fourth category  - who, come what may, will not succumb to corruption.

This Nation, for that matter, any Nation, needs to identify the first category first and demolish them and their group mercilessly. Other categories will be set right automatically. We need Good Rulers (like Krishna Deva Raya), who not only love their subjects, but, are willing to be firm with the corrupt ones among them.

This today - requires HUGE RESOLVE on the part of the General Public Plus the last 2 categories mentioned above. They need to come together and bind themselves strongly – in their fight against the first 2 categories.

The first 2 categories have a tendency to protect each other strongly. The last 2 categories have a tendency – NOT TO PROTECT EACH OTHER, but to run away from the first 2 categories. This is their GREATEST WEAKNESS.

The Bad People join together for BAD PURPOSE very easily.

It is very difficult for GOOD PEOPLE to come together even for a GOOD PURPOSE and stick together to achieve the GOOD PURPOSE. This is especially so – in India.

Why so? Bad People’s Goals are very clear to them. They agree on each others’ Goals. They don’t mind small differences. They don’t need a leader. Their aim is one. That keeps them together.

But GOOD PEOPLE can’t sink even their small differences – and can’t agree on a simple, clear, viable GOAL.

They get lost on Utopian ideals. They see the small Black spots in each other with such a BIG FOCUS that the other good man looks like only a Black SPOT. This Good man can see nothing GOOD in the other Good Man. In fact, the Good man may even see something Good even in a predominantly Bad Man, but not in a predominantly Good man. Therefore, the world runs without both of them. Bad pervades more easily all around, than Good. That is – the unfortunate paradox – especially in India.

INDIA’s fight against Corruption – is a typical example of this paradox.

A STRONG LOK PAL may not be a TOTAL ANSWER for all the corruption in India. It definitely and surely is not. For that matter, nothing is a total answer for the monumental, gigantic corruption in India. But, a Strong Lok Pal is the BEST STARTING POINT for the fight against corruption in India.

We need a strong, viable, independent, powerful, highly motivated INSTITUTION with a single focus – of fighting corruption – and nothing else. Like Election Commission. We have seen what Sri Seshan could do, with an Independent Election Commission. It is a different thing that Politicians tried to water down the commission also. Yet, EC is still a Good institution, though not adequate.

Ditto with CAG in recent Past. We do see how the system of CORRUPTION is fighting the CAG – and how the CAG is doing his duty. I don’t see any great Perfection in what the CAG organization is doing. But, within what the system permits, they are NOW doing a Great Job. The CAG needs more autonomy, more powers, and more focus.

Ditto with SEBI (and NSE etc). When SEBI and NSE came on the scene – a wholly rotten, junk of a system which was there, was overnight thrown out – and suddenly Investors have a transparent, effective, unbiased, INVESTING PLATFORM – which they breathe like oxygen rich fresh air. SEBI+NSE may not be 100 percent perfect. As we said earlier, no system is. But, the autonomous systems brought in tremendous levels of improvements.

TRAI –despite all problems in Telecom sector – could still put in a lot of sense into the  Indian Telecom sector.

The Apex Court is a real savior for India. No other words will do to describe the Apex Court.  The Media in recent past – is doing a tremendous Job too – though it has its own weaknesses and failings.

INDEPENDENT, NON-POLITICAL, REGULATORS are the need of the hour and they can achieve a lot for INDIA.

WE needed a strong, independent, non-political, LOK PAL, in 1948. We are yet to have one. As days progress; as corruption progresses further and further, it will be more and more difficult to have a strong Lok Pal.

It is in this context, that we need to view the agitation by Team Anna.

“I want this Hen to be killed today. But, I want it to lay a healthy, beautiful Egg by tomorrow”. This is, in effect, what some of the Team Anna members are saying today. Can this happen? Is it not totally, absolutely ILLOGICAL?

We want Lok Pal in the coming session itself. This is a fair enough Demand. We needed a Good, strong Lok Pal in 1948. The Political class failed in giving it till today. But, this now looks like the second priority demand for Team Anna.

Now, let us look at the first demand. Immediately, we want a SIT to be set up against all corrupt (alleged) Ministers and MPs. Their number is just around one third of the Parliament.  If an SIT is needed against Ministers, why not SIT against MPs also who are alleged to be corrupt, criminal and so on. In fact, cases against them are already pending – and not moving in many cases. So, SIT against Ministers and MPs is the first demand now.

But, the Ministers and MPs who should stand before such SIT must first propose the SIT, form the SIT and go and STAND  in queue before the SIT!

Don’t we see how illogical the second demand is? Anyway, who DECIDES who is really CORRUPT? When the LOK PAL is formed,  the Lok pal  will investigate and declare and decide who is corrupt and who is not. We cannot and we should not. This does not mean that there is no corruption. There is. We want LOK PAL – at super fast speed. Then, LOK PAL will do that task – of rooting out corruption.

The FOCUS must be on LOK PAL, and Team Anna must press for it; and hopefully, many parliamentary parties will also support this demand. Many from the ruling party also will support the same. But, if day-in and day-out, accusations are made against one MP or another – who will remain in Parliament to support LOK PAL Bill?  This is simple LOGIC. At least, that is what I find.

Second, why speak of COMMUNALISM etc – when your fight is against corruption? Whoever supports ANTI-CORRUPTION MOVEMENT – all must be welcome. If you have seen some of the week-long Yoga trainings of Ram Devji – many Muslim Mullas, Moulanas, Moulvis, Sadhus, Sants, Gurus, Priests, Sikh Gurus, Buddhist monks and all others Participate in it enthusiastically. I have seen this myself, in the Sibir that I attended. I have seen so many YouTube videos too later. Ram Devji , in my opinion, is MOST SECULAR – and the most Indian at heart.

That many Muslim leaders have not participated in Team Anna agitations so far – for whatever reason – despite their protests against communalism. Ram Devji embraces the Moulvi and embraces Modi – with no animosity inside and no bias inaside. Team Anna’s call also must be to ALL – whoever wants to protest against corruption – but, fine, other BANNERS could be avoided. Do not at all be apologetic about what some loose tongues may say. That said, People like Prime Minister and President – need to be treated with due respect. They may be ineffective for some reason – but, I don’t think they are CORRUPT any way. The fight against corruption needs their support and blessings too.

If our EGO stands in the FRONT, and LOK PAL stands behind, neither of them will win. Corruption will win.

Anna and Ram Dev are both Great Leaders – with High stature. At one time, team Anna was not willing to stand by Ram Dev – for some small simple mistake he may have committed. Even now – Team Anna’s friendship with Ram Dev is said to be somewhat lukewarm. Not from Ram Devji’s side; but, from Team Anna members’ side. This is not correct. There will be differences in perceptions on many other issues. But, on LOK PAL, there should be no differences. In hitting out at Individuals, there are differences. So, Find common Ground. Crusade for LOK PAL. And for Lok Pal only.

I strongly feel that  DEMANDING LOK PAL is done by the core of your Hearts – all of you. I have no doubt in that. But, accusing people – is done by your EGOS. It is not needed. It is not even the time for it.  And, You are not the right persons to accuse people this way.

Please..Please..Please…do not lose FOCUS ON LOK PAL BILL.

And when Team Anna can appeal to Dr.Kalam and so many others, who have never replied a word…what prevents them from more wholeheartedly embracing a saint like Ram Dev – who was campaigning from a time much before Team Anna…against Corruption and Black Money…

Dr.Kalam and Others also will agree on FIGHT Against  CORRUPTION - but, have you every heard Dr, Kalam speak against INDIVIDUALS? He too will not support that. Make a more whole-hearted call to ALL. Of All Parties; of All non-politicos; of all religions; indeed, to all. There will a huge ground swell of support.

INDIA’S FIGHT AGAINST CORRUPTION must start with installing the LOK PAL. Yes. As one esteemed News Paper said recently, at least some Political Parties must also take up the Gauntlet against Corruption now. You can’t be on the sidelines. LOK PAL  is the need of the hour for INDIA. Team Anna has done well to focus on it. But, Anna’s Age and Health are matters of concern. Everyone must come and participate in the demand for Lok Pal.

I whole-heartedly wish all SUCCESS  for INDIA AGAINST CORRUPTION.

*  *  *  E  N  D  *  *  *