Wednesday, April 18, 2012




With India launching today the 5000 KM range, AGNI - V MISSILE, which is a very significant  scientific and Technological achievement, India joins the small, Elite Club of Nations having this marvel of Advanced Technology.

India is now acquiring the capability to launch multiple war heads from a Missile with near, if not exactly, ICBM capabilities. 

Agni-V is a  solid fuel, 3 stage Missile.

The Scientists behind this creditable effort (mainly from DRDO), the Prime Minister and the Government of India who have been a great support to this effort – all need to be congratulated, for achieving this capability.

Now that the capability is proven; (well, it is just that – our capability to make such missiles is proven; nothing more); the real operational and beneficial  part of this capability (for India) must get executed with greater precision and swiftness.

Government of India, DRDO and the Army – must now concentrate on making all out efforts – to manufacture and place at various strategic locations – a good number of these missiles – aimed at being a sufficient deterrent against any adventurous attacks on India. Money should not be a constraint for this effort.

What is the next, immediate step required?

I suggest – that the Government, the DRDO and the Army must put in place a High Powered, Highly motivated team immediately, to monitor and hasten the process of testing, removing snags if any, improving design, and manufacturing sufficient number of these Missiles and placing them at strategic locations – so that by next year, this time, we are much stronger that what we now are. 

It is to be remembered that INDIA is only responding to an existing threat, an existing situation, where INDIA  cannot but possess retaliatory capabilities. 

DEMONSTRABLE STRENGTH is the only DETERRENT against irresponsible Enemies ( or misdirected friends!).

India has never been an aggressor – and has no territorial or other designs against any country in the world. But that said, India does face such designs from its neighbours against itself. This is a factual situation that India must seriously acknowledge.

One wonders sometimes - if this is the result of projecting itself as a TOO SOFT STATE in the past.

India must want FRIENDLY NEIGHBOURS – on all sides, but must never tolerate terrorist or territorial designs against itself, in the name of keeping friendships. There must be clear, strong retaliatory capabilities and measures against such designs – which must be understood and recognized as such – by our neighbours.

One always wanted to see the Government – performing  efficiently and not suffering from any Policy or performance paralysis. In this Instance, Government does deserve huge congratulations. Of course, DRDO deserves much better. As earlier said – If Government can operationalize these capabilities fast – say, within an year or so - it would have done a Great service to India.

I always remember How Kennedy put one single goal before USA, put a man, an American on the moon – and how that one Goal galvanized all Industries in USA, including its agriculture, to perform with super-efficiency and make USA, leaps ahead of its competitors.
India needs a similar goal and zeal today.

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Friday, April 6, 2012





One of the Best things to have happened recently -  in the fight against corruption in India is, the coming together of Anna Hazare and Baba RamDev.

For some  reason or other, Team Anna became TOO HESITANT to fight alongside of  Baba Ram Dev - after the Midnight  charge on Baba Ram Dev Camp by the Police, which left one person in deep coma and later, death - and many others injured.

If a Police charge happens on Half-asleep people, weird things are bound to happen. No one can be expected to behave in the most intelligent manner when awakened in sleep by a Police force, charging with lathis.

Even the media did much injustice to Baba Ram Dev in this - by projecting Ram Dev in a Bad light - without looking at the circumstances. At least some of the later pronouncements by the UPA political leaders mus have opened their eyes  - that they (the UPA) will act on Anna also in some such manner. Instead of supporting the cause for which Ram Dev stood up - ridiculing him for small slip ups was not the best thing to do - for the Media. It is quite possible that Baba Ram Dev did indeed suspect a possible attempt to kill him. And, there was no point in getting killed in that way, in half sleep.

But, in my view, it was Team Anna which some what cold-shourldered Baba Ram Dev after that. A friend in need - is the friend in deed. Ram Dev did need huge support from Team Anna at that Juncture. Even if Ram Dev was not important, the cause for which he was fighting was important. 

Every soldier fighting against corruption  is important and must be protected by the others - so that the fight goes on to a successful end.

Subsequent events saw Team Anna Members also facing number of charges. One is reminded of the four bulls and the Lion story which we used to study in childhood.

United we Grow.Divided we Perish,  This is the moral.

This country needs a corruption-free Government and corruption-free people. But, right now, the whole world knows - as we all know - that India is one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Do we, or do we not want to rid this country of this stigma of being one of the most corrupt countries in the world?

If Yes - all soldiers against corruption must join together. Not merely Baba RamDev and Team Anna. Every RTI Activist who is waging a lone fight against corruption and facing dangerous people alone - must join these two leaders.

Honest people in all Political Parties must also join the fight - leaving aside all Political loyalties binding them towards corrupt people.

Religion ,caste, creed, sex, state - none of these should stop any one from joining this fight against corruption.

Unfortunately - Bad people join together very easily for achieving Bad purposes. That is the order of the world. That is so in India too.

But, Good people fail to join together to achieve Good Ends - due mainly to their Ego problems. Ego must be sunk and people must come together.

At the same time - we must recognize that the fight is - mainly against corruption, as a practice. Not people as such. 99.9% of people will reform easily - if only they find sufficient emotional satisfaction in it. The hard core 0.1%, who are corrupt by themselves and would convert others also into their path, even by bullying tactics - they are the ones against whom - all Guns must be trained.

That cannot happen - unless all fighters against corruption come together and support each other.

The joining together of Anna Hazare and Baba Ramdev is therefore a significant step - but by no means a sufficient step.

And, there are weaknesses in the fighters  against corruption which can be easily exploited.

For one - Team Anna Members are developing a Penchant for accusing X, Y or Z personally for one reason or other - instead of first trying to get a strong Lok Pal Bill, with the co-operation of all MPs.

The Goal is the Bill - not X, Y or Z at this stage. Hanuman could have upturned Lanka and probably killed all Rakshasas himself - but, that was to be left to Lord Ram, and not accomplished by himself.

Likewise, Team Anna must leave it all to the Lok Pal; but, for that, it must first, get the Lok Pal installed. Unfortunately, Team Anna is putting the cart before the Horse. They need a sound Horse sense.

Get the Lok Pal. Get a strong Lok Pal. Get an independent, autonomous, fully equipped Lok Pal. Rest of the things, he will take care of.

What if over 150 MPs are facing grave charges? Will they have to vote for Lok Pal or not? They will vote, any way. So, why this self Goal - by Team Anna? Can't you envision your Goal clearly - the single most important thing - by doing which, all other things will be automatically done?

Get a strong Lok Pal Bill passed - that must be the only Goal. 

Here again, Team Anna says, they want Jan Lok Pal Bill ! And, every body else says, Jan Lok Pal Bill is your baby, why should we deliver it? Can Team Anna not say - we want a STRONG Lok Pal Bill? can they not mentally and verbally stand now for a strong Lok Pal Bill, and not for Jan lok pal bill? If you do that small substitution of one word - more people will feel more comfortable, and more people will find less to criticize you.

And, the Fighters against Corruption - must also know how to praise and whom to praise too.

Whatever some may say against Dr. Manmohan Singh, he is one of the most honest Prime Ministers of India. We don't know whether the next PM will be as honest as Dr.MMS. Dr. MMS may be weak, meek, Powerless, soft or whatever, but, he is an honest PM. He does want to do whatever he can for India ; it is just that the coalition partners are un-supportive and some times, a few of his own party members also, are un-supportive.

Likewise, there are some excellent Ministers in the cabinet. There are some excellent opposition leaders too. Don't you find enough reasons to praise them unreservedly? 

Like - Sushma Swaraj and Arun Jaitley in BJP - they are clean - as clean can be. Don't we find a reason to praise them? Modi in Gujarat may have some problems - but his record is corruption-free. If Time magazine can find reason to praise him, can you not find reason to praise him?

The leftist parties may have non-uptodate ideologies; but they are by and large MOST non-corrupt. Can't we see reason enough to praise them? Was there a time you praised Dr. Jaiprakash Narayan, the lone MLA ,founder President of Lok Satta Party, who is fighting a lone battle in AP? Why this isolationism on the part of Team Anna?

Corrupt are there in all parties. But, Good men are there too - in many parties. We must be able to see that; and praise the Good men and strengthen their hands and their power - against the corrupt men in their party and other parties.

Criticism comes easily to the tongue. But, Praise does not. It must be practiced. Locate the good men and praise them. Else, Good men also will see no reason to join you, or praise you, or support you. This, unfortunately is what is happening.

With each scam revelation, the facets of corruption seem to be growing in India. Likewise, the fear that a strong Lok Pal may not come at all in India is also growing.

Anna and Baba Ram Dev have a lot of responsibility on their head - to strengthen the fight against Corruption and Black Money. A lot of responsibility to consolidate the forces against corruption.

Let us hope that they will succeed. But, the strongest wish is - that Dr.MMS, Smt.Sushma Swaraj and Shri Arun Jaitley (and the Left leaders) must come together and give India a grand gift of a strong Lok Pal. It does not matter, if it is slightly different from what Team Anna wants. But, Give India what India needs - to root out corruption.

The Nation is ready to salute you - for this.

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