Saturday, May 28, 2011



Do not limit your Challenges. Instead, challenge all of your Limits.

Challenge your limits! This is the Mantra – behind all Human Progress.

This is also the Olympic spirit. 

The spirit to explore new frontiers and conquer them drives all change and all progress of the humanity.

But then - is this spirit of exploring New Frontiers innate in all human beings?

Unfortunately not.

There is a lot that must happen in the socio-political arena, if this spirit of exploration and its resultant progress and prosperity must reach all people.

This Blog will endeavour precisely in this direction.

This Blog will not only strive to EXPLORE NEW FRONTIERS -  especially in the socio-political domains but will also  offer new ideas and drastic changes to existing ones, so that socio-political ideas, discussions and actions  are raised to new levels all the time.

Progress must now come from exploration of such new frontiers – and not from small, incremental improvements alone. 

This Blog hopes that Readers will enjoy the new ideas, participate in the discussions very actively and spread the NEW IDEAS across the world.


Dated :28.05.2011