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In the last Post – we have seen what is Infinite Intelligence, who can give it to us and answers to some interesting questions on the huge cosmic bodies around us.

I have no doubt that Sun, Earth, Moon etc are all huge, Intelligent beings. They are just different in structure from us – just as the reptiles, birds and beasts are different.

Their level of Intelligence is  – very huge, matching their relative size and requirements.

Our level of Intelligence on the other hand is low, matching our size and our requirements – though we are significantly better than animals, birds and reptiles on earth.

Intelligence – is not always proportionate to size. We, human beings feel, we are somehow special in the whole creation – and, we may be partially right in it.

But, what we consciously identify as “we”  - is our body-mind complex -  our physical bodies Plus our minds which are trapped in the physical bodies. For all practical purposes – we identify our self with the body-mind complex. We don’t know whether there is a soul or not – as most of us don’t really experience or identify with it.  We are more comfortable with our body-mind complex. More of this later.

Many things within our physical, visible body – are placed beyond our control and our capability to control. If we are to control and operate our heart - even the most intelligent man will not survive for a minute. We will forget to do it – just as we forget many, many other things.

We are much more forgetful than we are intelligent. And, we can’t help it.  

Taking into account our enormous forgetfulness and abysmal remembrance and intelligence – most of the life giving and life sustaining activities are placed beyond our control. The heart, the lungs, the pancreas, the liver, the whole digestive system, circulatory system, excretory system, cleaning system,  reproductive system, why, almost every system below our skin is placed beyond our conscious control. It is much too dangerous (for us) to place them in our conscious control.

You and I are – like passengers in the car. We can enjoy the car drive. We don’t know much – how to meddle with its insides or how to drive them.

So what do we know? What do we actually control?

We know how to move our hands and legs and head and such other whole organs – in a limited way.  How do we do it? A small part of the body-mind complex – called “thought” is slightly in our control. Not fully – but slightly. That enables us to think of moving a hand – and a whole series of processes are initiated in the body – which are again not in our control – but the hand moves!

You can only think, or, if you so like to call it, you can will it – and then it happens. The thought, or, the will is the only thing that is under your control – to some extent. Think of it! You can ‘will /think ’ of seeing – and seeing happens on its own. You can think of talking – and talking happens. The communication processes inside are not under your control.

Suppose you lift your finger – you only willed it – and lifting the finger happens.

Suppose – you can’t think / will for any reason – like a head injury, or a high BP or some such reason – you can’t do most of the things – and the body lies down!!

So, thought is the centre and that is the only thing given to you to control. The thought is given access to the internal communication system – through which it can operate the whole organs, for fulfilling the body’s essential life needs.

Look at the famous scientist – Stephen Hawkins – he does every thing with his thought only – just nothing else. But, his internal communication system is no more responsive to his thought. Yet – as the principle control is on thought – he is doing miracles with his thought.

A question now arises – who am I - am I the controller of the thought, or, am I the thought, which controls the other organs? Or, am I the thought–Centre, in the Brain, which generates thoughts continuously?

To understand that – let us observe carefully and experiment a little with our thoughts.

i.                    When you wake up – do you start your thoughts consciously or do they start automatically? Automatically; right?
ii.                  Throughout the day – are the thoughts proceeding according to your wishes, or, on their own?  On their own, right?
iii.                When you lie down for sleep, do you consciously stop thinking, or, the stoppage and arrival of sleep happen without your orders?
iv.                 If you have carefully observed all the three above – you will know that your thoughts are a continuous stream and stopping that stream is not much under your control. Open your eyes and they start in a zig-zag way, proceed till you fall asleep. Even waking up and falling asleep happen – not under your orders, but ‘somehow’ when they become needed. You are taken in by the ‘sleep’ and you are made to wake up – when the sleep leaves.
v.                   For ten minutes – try not to think of any particular thing, say, a black monkey; try as hard as you want; you can’t avoid thinking of the black monkey;
vi.                 Likewise, try to forget some one. Try hard; you will only remember better.
vii.               Or, let us try the most useful thinking : try to think of only one object – for say, ten minutes at a stretch. Let it be even your beloved spouse! You can’t do that too. So many other things will intervene in your thoughts – between you and your spouse.

There are many other things to consider. But, suffice it to say – that our thought process is also not fully under our control. It is given to us – to meet some of our basic needs. Just that simple.

Now, let us look at some macro events happening on earth.

Some people are terrorists. They won’t listen to you or any one and  they won’t reform. The fact is - they can’t listen even to “themselves”.

Some people are hardcore religionists.  Doesn’t matter, which religion. They just can’t help it.  They don’t like others, other’s books, other’s prophets, other’s Gods.. any thing other.

Some people are highly patriotic. They too can’t help it.

Within the nation – you belong to this state or that – and you can’t tolerate people from other states.

You can’t like people of other languages, other districts, other races, other castes and so on – any thing other – with which you have no identification.

So, your thoughts are programmed – not free.

First we said – body is not much under our control – and it is better that it be so.

Now, we say – thoughts too are not under our control much. On this – we still seem to have some hope; some control; we will see that slightly later.

We have some thing called emotions – which accompany almost every thought. Joy, happiness, anger, sorrow, jealousy, pride, suspicion, friendliness, enmity, love, hate – and so on.

The level of control we have on our thoughts – is approximately equal to the level of control we have on our emotions. They go together mostly – and have similar wavelengths, mostly.

So – we are almost about to conclude that the body, thoughts, and emotions are very little under our control.

Yet – we seem to live, that is, most of us seem to live in some orderly societies. How is that?

Yes. Human being is not created by the Creator – like all other beasts, birds and reptiles. Human Being is given a small decisional system within himself – which is amenable to his control. In Sanskrit – it is called Buddhi – and it is separate from the normal ‘thought’ processes.

This ‘Buddhi’ is always in communion with the ”infinite Intelligence” in the Universe. It has access to it. It can receive guidance from the Infinite Intelligence and guide the ‘thought’ system in us and through it, control the body-mind complex.

But, the Buddhi has to be placed in command by you – over the “thought system” first, and through it , on the rest of all systems in your mind-body complex.

This, in a nut shell  – is the Indian System of “Yoga”

This infinite Intelligence is called technically as the “Brahman”. The thought system is called “manas”. Buddhi is of course, the decisional system in between the thought system and the Infinite intelligence.

Wherever we said ”you” – we mean – a real you, independent of the body-mind complex. Call it soul – or whatever you want – but that is the real You.

As long as the thought process is in control – you drift. When you give control to Buddhi – you take control.

People who take control through Buddhi – live lives of an entirely different kind – from people who are under control of ‘thought processes’.

Access to the most useful intelligence lies in the Buddhi – not in thought processes.  And this is – the ability to access the Infinite Intelligence.

“Eureka” came from it.

“theory of relativity” came from it.  

Stephen Hawkins’ ability to look far beyond into the cosmos comes from it.

You must transcend thoughts.  Then, a lot of exciting things happen in you.

You will experience a New Freedom!

Think’ of it.

= Yours

Vijayamohan  .V

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