Tuesday, September 11, 2012





KUDANKULAM power Plant is being declared as SAFE by all those People who never conducted a test on its Safety. This seems to be the main problem at Kudankulam.

There are safety standards – and precautionary measures - that have been prescribed before the Plant can be operationalised; before feeding the nuclear material into the Power plant for production of Power.

A duly empowered TEAM OF SCIENTISTS  must therefore inspect the POWER PLANT, check whether all these safety measures have been duly carried out and DECLARE OPENLY to all members of PUBLIC,  that – YES, ALL SAFETY PRECAUTIONS PRESCRIBED HAVE BEEN DULY CARRIED OUT. We have checked the Plant thoroughly, satisfied ourselves – and declare so.

This sort of declaration from the SAFETY checking Scientists Team is what is really and reasonably required – to alleviate Public Fears and apprehensions. No amount of assurances and statements from Politicians can be a substitute for this. The credibility of Politicians’ statements – in the minds of General Public is not that Great, right now – what with all the scams, each outclassing the previous ones.

It is not that- the agitators will be totally satisfied with the statements of the Scientists Team. But, it will be a Big step forward, and perhaps, the MINIMUM ASSURANCE needed, in convincing the agitating Public.

After what has happened in Japan, there is bound to be skepticism in living by the side of a Nuclear Power Plant. Governments must understand that.

Even in simpler matters like Telecom Towers and Cell Phones, Government takes TOO LONG in revising safety Norms. Many Drugs which are banned in many other countries – are still legal here. Our only excuse may perhaps be – that our Neighbours have not banned them! Why can’t we aim for EXCELLENCE in each sphere?

As far as Nuclear Power Plants. are concerned – these will be in Public sector. While this is good - how skills and discipline of the TOP MOST ORDER will be maintained in the Nuclear Power Plants, given their penchant for maintaining certain minimum competency levels, could be a matter of concern for the agitators. So, every effort must be made to make the Plant REALLY, REALLY SAFE and tell the Public – from a knowledgeable, authoritative scientific Team – that, they have carried out all prescribed tests and ensured that the Plant Management has taken all prescribed safety precautions. This demand of the Agitators seems to be well founded - and Government must concede that much.

After Kudankulam, what? Do we really need Nuclear Power Plants? And, how many? 

If Government has more proposals for such Plants, it is essential that such Plants are established in places which are reasonably far away from Populated areas. Government can think of forests, deserts and such isolated areas – for establishing Nuclear Power Plants. At the least, this type of less populated locations will avoid the PUBLIC FEAR and protests that we are witnessing at Kudankulam.

In the mean time – the public Protests at Kudankulam must be handled with greater imagination and understanding of the deep fear in the minds of the villagers.

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