Wednesday, January 1, 2014

2014 = Year of Destiny ;Narendra Modi = Health,strength & Progress for India; Arvind Kejriwal = Health but not Strength or Progress; Rahul = Not Ready Yet




2013 was the year of discovery of Narendra Modi and Arvind Kejriwal both - on the national Political scene.

Narendra Modi, for the 1st time, campaigned as the BJP's Prime Ministerial Candidate in 4 states - and all of them supported BJP in a Big way. The campaign itself proved Modi as the star campaigner with huge capability to attract people. 

Modi was Highly successful in Building Gujarat - despite ALL OBSTACLES placed in his path by the Congress and UPA. All other parties which criticized Modi - were rejected by people in a Big way, and this must be a lesson for them - not to spread lies and canards about People in General, and about hard Working people in particular.

In Delhi, Kejriwal was campaigning for almost 2 years - and came a deserving second. Modi campaigned in Delhi only in the last phase and yet Delhi gave him the first place, a little short of Majority. 

With, of all parties, Congress backing the AAP, Arvind has become CM of Delhi - and is quickly redeeming his Electoral Promises.  How long will his Government last is a different thing. But, I wish him to gain strength all over India, displacing Congress everywhere, so that he does not need its support.

But, he must avoid the tendency to seek support of the most communal clerics, while professing his Brand of secularism. Also, some of his partymen have dubious views on J&K, which is not at all Healthy for India. The Good Points in AAP's armoury are - rooting out corruption and Fair prices for electricity , water and other essential commodities. These are needed for India in all states. That said, the weakest point in AAP is its lack of any grand, viable  Plan for the progress of India and employment for all. In fact, Arvind's insistence on reducing electricity charges by 50% can deter all further investments in Delhi.

That skill for progress and prosperity, Modi has in  great abundance. Modi can reduce corruption quickly; Modi can build world class Industrial, Agricultural and services sectors in India. Modi can allow Entrepreneurs of India to build a India that is far superior to other developed countries in record time. He can Unite People irrespective of religion or caste. He will not allow religious extremism of any sort in India ( even including that in his own party). He can deal effectively with Terrorism of all sorts. Some of these are NOT IN THE CAPABILITY of AAP and definitely not in Congress.

That said,Congress does have some good persons - including Rahul Gandhi himself and some of its younger leaders. We can't write them away, if they choose to come together and dump the corrupt Core in the Party.

But, 2014 is the year of India's Destiny.

My wishes for India are straight from my assessment of all Political Parties and current needs of India.

I wish - 

(1) Narendra Modi must become PM for next 5 years, with no one needed to support him from inside or outside. He is the only visionary leader, capable of making India as Number one in the world; and  the only one who can unite all the people, without dividing them on any Ground. Modi is the Most secular leader in India today- and most of his critics on this score are most insecure and non-secular minds. Modi will Build India like never before in its 66 years of freedom. Indian Democracy will be vibrant enough - to reassess him at the end of the next 5 years and renew or withdraw its mandate at that time. Right now - I feel, it must be Modi as PM. That seems the obvious choice.
  (2) Arvind Kejriwal must replace Congress and other smaller Parties in all states and AAP must become the main Opposition Party in Parliament. India should not repeat the Delhi Experiment of making Congress the King Maker, even if it is itself trounced and Dumped. 

If Rahul chooses to dump the corrupt core in Congress and bring it out as a rejuvenated party, which is unlikely before 2014 elections, then, it will be slightly different. Still, Arvind deserves a good place under the Sun.

(3) People of India must dump all other Parties TOTALLY, in Parliament elections - as they are of little or No value in Parliament. Any alliance with some of them will be the root cause of corruption and many other illnesses which will plague India, like in last several years.
  In short, my assessment is - 

(1) Modi = Health + Strength + Progress for India 

(2)Kejriwal = Health for India but not its strength and progress; 

(3) Many (But Not All) others = Cause of Diseases of India;

(4) Rahul Gandhi = Not Yet Ready ;

May India choose its destiny wisely.

I wish India  and all of us : a Happy, Healthy, Hilarious, Prosperous, Progressive, and United - New Year 2014.


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