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Some time ago, it was none other than Rahul Gandhi who expressed serious concern over Drug addiction in Punjab. It was then pooh poohed by the Punjab Government.

Unfortunately, the you-you-my-my politics of India is taking a heavy toll on Indian Youth ultimately. Drug menace is not at all seriously taken by the politicians and the Police force in India.

26 KG of heroin was caught with a drug peddler near Chandigarh.

The drug Peddler is being questioned, which is of course, the right thing to do. But, 2 Boxers of national fame are also to be questioned. Mr. Ram Singh, a National level Boxer is being questioned already. His friend and Olympic Medallist Vijender Singh is also likely to be questioned, if Ram Singh’s version is believed.

But, I do seriously believe, that  the Police are unlikely to go to the root of the problem, despite catching this huge haul of heroin.

If 26 KG are caught now, several such 26 KGs would have been peddled earlier too, in Punjab and Haryana and possibly Delhi too.

Ram Singh and Vijender Singh may have consumed it a few times, most probably unknowingly. That is the tip of the ice berg. How many young people were tricked into consuming heroin in the past, in the garb of  health food? Certainly crores of our most promising youngsters were duped into this by the Drug peddlers and their suppliers.

Will the Police and the Government arrest the 2 medal winners for India – who were only the unfortunate victims of a Health tonic story by the drug peddler? And, since crores of other youth are also drug addicts, will it also arrest ALL THE YOUTH of Punjab and Haryana, who might also have consumed the Heroin and other drugs peddled by some of the drug lords?

If Police doesn’t arrest the all other Crores of drug addicts who are taking drugs regularly for years now in Punjab and Haryana, and they possibly can’t live without them now, what is the point of arresting two promising youth who consumed them 3 to 4 times in recent past (and are not even addicts)?

Don’t we want to know the names of all the suffering youth who are under the influence of these drugs right now and don’t we want to bring them out of this menace with compassion and with clear focus on saving the Indian Youth from Drug Peddlers.

Many times, our present law is a very blind, almost foolish law, and it  leaves out the perpetrators but catches victims; punishes them and destroys their life. In this case especially, if the victims only are to be punished, this includes Ram Singh and Possibly Vijender, and, more importantly, Crores of  victims who are there waiting like sitting ducks and wailing for their supply of drugs.

They now can’t live without these drugs – and it would be very easy to catch them too.

But, is that what India should be doing?

I feel Ram Singh and Vijender and other potential victims of these drug peddlers must be asked to inform ALL THAT THEY KNOW and assist in investigation openly, freely and without any fear of punishment. Likewise, every drug addict must be asked to inform about the drug racket.

The Drug Racket can be busted only if the victims are kept on the side of the law and assisting the law and not as culprits themselves.

In all possibility, the Drug racket somewhere, may include powerful politicians or cross-border organizations who want to weaken India by weakening  India’s youth. It could be a deeper plot to make India punish its best stars.

It is high time that the drug menace is taken extremely seriously – but by keeping the unfortunate victims on the side of the law.

Then only, the menace can be tackled effectively and rooted out. Not otherwise. This is practical, common sense, humane and long term approach to this national problem.

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