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There are always a few news that are heartening and invigorating. There are also always a lot of news which are depressing and demoralizing. Some news are – just not worth reading. Here are the Good, Bad and the Sad 

1.         RAPE FEAR KEEPS  US STUDENTS OUT OF INDIA : Says NANCY POWELL, US ENVOY IN INDIA :- Wonderful. Our country is succeeding in projecting itself as RAPISTS’ Country, before the world. But, I strongly feel, we have this Habit of exaggerating every news. Sections of Indian Media also exaggerates a lot. There is least restraint in (& on) these sections of the Media.

For every RAPE, there are Hundreds of Murders Happening. Some of them are very gruesome. Murder is definitely a More heinous crime against the victim, any victim, than RAPE. We need to understand this very clearly. One gets RAPED; another Gets killed. If the killed one and the raped one are given a choice – only 2 choices, which would the victims prefer? It is a bad question – but, given the circumstances, there is no other way to drive home the point that Murder is a more heinous crime than RAPE. Yes. Rape comes next. If we are not even trying to prevent Murders, we cannot prevent RAPES.

Both can be prevented by sound education system, which builds CHARACTER, COMPASSION, NATIONALISM and strong Habits like respect between men and women. Our Education has been progressively degraded, denuded and stripped of all these essential qualities – which people used to expect of educated men and women. If these qualities are not inculcated, whatever else is taught is just not education.

Get into a bus or train, the man who is eve-teasing is most likely to be a college student or an educated person. I have seen it in Chennai. And, other passengers are afraid of him. If this eve-teasing is not stopped, how can we stop raping? Eve-teasing must be stopped, whoever is indulging it in public. Governments seem to be  afraid of college students. But, a 1% of them only are indulging in eve-teasing. Isolate them, Stop them, Punish them and rest will fall in line automatically. They will even congratulate the Government if this is done thoughtfully.

Day in and day out, every minute, our TV Channels expose the young and Old alike to semi-nudity, and sexy scenes. The  sexual instincts of many boys and men (after watching these sexy women) are therefore on the edge - when they go out on the roads. Once the sex Instinct is foremost in the Brain, many boys and men will have no control on themselves. It is difficult to BLAME THEM exclusively. Even sages cannot control, when a half naked girl comes before and provokes them sexually. They go away to forests only for that reason.
But, today, film personalities say – it is their right. And, 24 hours, TV channels are full of such content. Where there is a  CAUSE, its CONSEQUENCE is bound to follow. We are foolish enough to keep the CAUSE and expect that there will be no consequence. I can’t even blame the RAPISTS. Blame the Government for a useless, character-less Education  system. Blame the Filmdom, the TV channels  and the Government for the Half naked female dresses and dances and Item numbers with hundreds of Half Naked Girls on the screens 24 hours of the day – every day.

Can we at least have a RULE that TV Channels will not show such filmy content in the mornings from 5 AM to 9 AM?

Can we have a Rule that Drink shops will not be open during 5 PM to 10 PM?

We want to cater to the man’s weakness in all possible ways and then expect RAPES not to happen. We must understand that once the sex instinct is aroused, man’s defences against it fall like a House of CARDS. Women just don’t understand this. Most men also do not. Wiser Men should tell the women.

To compound all these, some of the women boldly and brashly say, even on roads, we will wear tight-fitting dresses exposing their chest, object to any suggestion to wear at least a small dupatta on the front; expose the whole back (whether the sun is hot or the day is chill) and as much as possible of the front. and so on. Woman’s dress is probably the single most important factor which evokes either respect or sexual instant in a man. Now, if this section of women are wearing dresses which are designed to provoke sex instincts – they may not suffer – but the sexually provoked males, at least a small percentage of them are bound to seek release from the sex instinct which is gripping them.

An argument frequently advanced is – we will wear any dress we like – you control yourself! This is a illogical, unnatural argument. From the Days of Adam and EVE and the days of Lord Siva and Parvathi, women knew that they need to cover their chest. But, now some women want to go back to the days of eve, before the so called sin. I do not think, Men or women can have such absolute freedom of dress in public. It is subject to decency. It is subject to NON-PROVOCATION of each others’ sex Instincts. It is subject to levels of Obscenity. Attractiveness should not become Obscenity.

But, I may cry hoarse and reason with all through my Blog. But, I know, many sections of Indian media will not listen. Government will not listen. Sections of women will not listen. So, rapes will continue to happen. Eve teasing will continue to happen. What if the American Females do not come? When they come, we will need to enforce a dress code on them too.

Now Lawyers are blaming seniors and senior Judges of Supreme Court also - of sexually harassing them. This is quite Probable. This may have happened. It should be stopped. But, I request these female lawyers to do some introspection also. Why are you saying this long, long after the events? Why did you not get away from them then and there? Neither you, nor the man concerned, have no right what so ever, to defame the Highest Court of the Land before the world. That is paramount – not your individual issues.But, if they had had some compelling reason not to be able to do so, then what?

It would  be better that Female lawyers are attached to only female Judges and female lawyers. That seems the ONLY SOLUTION. Especially, Female lawyers should not seek such attachment to Supreme Court and High court Judges. Whoever may be to blame – even if only the men are to blame -  we will definitely bring disrepute to the Highest courts of the Land, unless, this female-male attachment at this level is not prevented by Law.

Some women were blaming even the Sankaracharya of Kanchi , of long, long time sexual advances etc. And, they were visiting the Acharya for decades! Who asked them to go to an Acharya who, they say, was making sexual advances all the time? Are they mad? Say, For last one year, he is said to have made sexual advances to them – and today, they again go, prostrate before him and seek his blessings?

The Acharya never asked them to come. They were going again and again voluntarily, willingly. So, making this charge is to say the least atrocious. These were, to my mind, plain lies. I am not a follower of the Acharya. But, whoever says, he plotted this or that, or made sexual advances, I will doubt them – not the Acharya. But, probably, those women are also not to blame. May be, somebody was threatening them and cajoling them to say all those things. If that be so – they and the Acharya were both the sufferers.
Indian men and women are basically good. But, bad education, bad TV content and bad guidance from elders – is making us go from bad to worse. Some men and some women may go beyond acceptable levels. But, that is not the case – with over 99 percent of men and women. We all live reasonably harmonious lives. That should not be spoiled by the balance one percent.

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