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WHEAT GRASS JUICE - Is it The Panacea For Many,Many Illnesses ? - Can it cure Cancer?

The Panacea For Many Illnesses

WHEAT GRASS JUICE has been catching attention of the world  for its many perceived medical benefits. There are many web sites which mention its preparation, benefits and other details on how it is to be prepared and taken. Many Patients have claimed extraordinary benefits from the regular consumption of WGJ –especially when they were seriously ill. The details as obtained from different web sites and claims by Doctors and Patients are given here :

1.      CHLOROPHYLL : WGJ is a Great source of chlorophyll – and can be taken fresh from a plant which is still green and living. This means, the benefits are far greater than any medicine obtained across the counter in a pharmacy.

2.      LIQUID FORM : WGJ is better taken in liquid form, for easy absorption. But, if this is not available, Powder form or tablet form, if available can also be taken, though with slightly diminished benefits. During travel etc, Powder/tablet form may be the only possible way also.

3.      RICH IN NUTRIENTS : WGJ is very rich in many nutrients needed by the Human body, and many life supporting molecules. Being green and still living, it is easily absorbed into the body and assimilates into it.

4.      HEMOGLOBIN : It is very good in restoring Hemoglobin levels in anemic persons, restores health and also delays aging process. Its cell is very similar to that of Hemoglobin with very minor changes – and hence gets easily absorbed into body Hemoglobin

5.      NON-TOXIC : It is non-toxic in all reasonable quantities. Many patients were administered 3-4 glasses of WGJ per day, when they were ill. Subsequently it was diluted half with water and taken.n Where small side effects were seen like diarrhea, diluted Juice was given and this itself arrested the diarrhea also , and cured other illnesses in the body

6.      FIGHTS BACTERIA : It stops  growth of Harmful bacteria –whether taken inside or applied outside on the skin.

7.   SKIN AILMENTS : Applied on outside skin, it had excellent Positive effects in controlling skin ailments – like itching, eczema, psoriasis , ACNE etc.

8.  TOXINS IN BODY : It removes harmful drugs and toxins deposited in the body and purifies liver – and also has antiseptic properties

9.      DIABETES : It is also good in Diabetes

10.  HEALING : It can clean foul smells, infections, heal wounds, cure  sinusitis, ear infections, rectal sores, vaginal infections, and many other such problems in the body

11.  KEY SYSTEMS IN BODY : It can tone up the functioning of the heart, lungs, Brain and other key systems in the body.

12.  TOOTH DECAY : It  prevents tooth decay – if kept in mouth and gurgled for some time, before swallowing.

13.  RECTAL HEALTH : If taken in through the rectum, kept for some time and then thrown out, it is good to keep the rectal functions healthy.

14.  MUSCLES & BONES : It is good for PAINS ETC IN arthritis.

15.  RBC COUNT & BP : It improves RBC count and reduces High Blood Pressure. It also removes heavy Metals from the Human Body. It restores alkalinity to the blood. The juice’s abundance of alkaline minerals helps reduce over-acidity in the blood.

16.  GENERAL HEALTH : It improves health, strength and stability

17.  DEBRIS IN BODY PARTS : It cleanses the debris from blood, other organs and gastrointestinal tract. 

18.  METABOLISM : It also stimulates metabolism and the body’s enzyme systems by enriching the blood.   

19.  THYROID ETC : It stimulates the thyroid gland, correcting obesity, indigestion, and a host of other complaints. It can be used to relieve many internal pains, and has been used successfully to treat peptic ulcers, constipation, diarrhea, and many other complaints of the gastrointestinal tract.

20.  PROTECTION FROM CANCER : It fights tumors and neutralizes various toxins. WGJ has Good ability to fight different types of tumors effectively. It has abundant oxygen in it and cancer cells cannot survive in its presence. It also serves as anti-inflammatory and reduces adverse effects of radiation

21.  Heals wounds : It contains beneficial enzymes and heals wounds.

22.  WEIGHT REDUCTION : You can reduce weight in an easy and healthy way. But, WGJ is most beneficial when taken in an UNCOOKED WAY – as cooking can destroy or reduce many of its benefits.

23.  HAIR HEALTH : Like other parts of body, it also enhances hair health and restores hair to good health and colour.

24.  FERTILITY : It has beneficial impact on fertility and youthfulness. 
25.  GROWING WHEAT GRASS : Grow wheat Grass from its seeds (soaked in water for a few hours / overnight) by planting it in good soil. You can use small pots,. Trays etc also. Rinse the water  3 times a day. After 3 days, water it a little more and keep the water available to the seed to grow – and preferably grow it in a little shade . Ensure air circulation. Grow it for about 9-10 days. Cut the Grass and store it in  your  Fridge. Make the Juice and preferably drink it fresh. It is understood that a full, glass may result in diarrhea initially. There is no harm in it. But, you may take it diluted in 50% water. Store as Grass – not as Juice. If you can’t take it as Juice or store the grass for 10 days, make it into Powdered form. 

26.  It is true that most Medical associations in the world are yet to recognize its phenomenal benefits in full. But, that is because, they don’t conduct extensive experiments on herbs at all. They will do on chemicals – but not on Herbs. So, statements made without experimenting are not to be taken seriously. But, when Patients and Doctors are making claims, the Researchers must take them seriously and experiment. Unfortunately, the way the drug companies function, they probably won't allow this sort of research - which completely cures many diseases with one Medicine !

27.  Even the Indian Ayurvedic Universities are still in the days of Charaka and Susrutha – and have not yet woken up  to the beautiful medicinal world all around us – in wheat Grass and many other living plants. Perhaps, some of these are Great Cures for many new illnesses and old ones too. But, when are you going to become as great experiments as Charaka and Susruta? This is a call to all Ayurvedic Universities. Please do wake up to your  abilities in experimenting. Find Great cures to all illnesses – with Proof and – Hoist them before the suffering Patients of the world. But, first tell us FAST & IMMEDIATE - all about your findings on these Green grass leaves - with your proof.

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